Friday, December 30, 2011

Can't Wait Till Tonight!

Tonight my friend Jordan Page is playing at a local bar!
He recently moved to Indiana so I have been unable to see him preform (he is a musician!
He plays cover songs and his original songs (he has 3 CDs out and produced Ron Paul's antheme song).
He is the ultimate musician simply because he plays to and for the audience. Though he does charge $50 for Freebird but you can understand that since he plays for like 30 minutes. He also doesn't play Jimmy Buffet and Journey.
He will play all other songs from Elvis, to country, to ROCK!
He is the ultimate musician soon to be BIG and FAMOUS! Feel free to check out his website to find out when he will be playing in your area and also to see what he is all about!
P.S. Don't forget to check out my giveaway!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blogger Unmasked: Growing Up Grace (Week 1)

I am so thrilled to be joining Grace from Growing Up Grace in helping fellow bloggers reach 100 followers by promoting their blog, a new blog each week. I was so surprised to see my blog mentioned on Grace's blog that I just had to check out the post. She calls her series "New Week, New Blog" I am calling it "Blogger Unmasked" but they are absolutely the same idea.
This weeks Unmasked blogger is ...

Grace from Growing Up Grace! Grace is one of the best followers I have she love to leave comments, she helps promote giveaways as well as have her own giveaways, she updates her blog at least once a day and she is a true inspiration! Grace loves to write about life, DIYs, giveaways, faith and more. If you are looking for a good read please click on Grace's link and help her reach 100 followers!
If you would like me to promote your blog and/or help you reach 100 followers please let me know by leaving me a comment or emailing me.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Softsoap Coconut Scrub Bars Review and Giveaway! (CLOSED)

The last product in my VoxBox is 2 coconut scrub bars of soap!
Since they gave me two bars I figured I would use one (LOVE IT) and share the other with one lucky reader! Here is my review and then giveaway details:
The scent: AMAZING! Though if you do have a sensitive nose this product may be too sweet to you.
The Final Verdict: Will definitely be buying this product again. Normally I get liquid body wash but wow this bar soap is amazing! It leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and you smell like coconut!!

Giveaway Details:
You will receive one bar of coconut soap. All you have to do is try it and post a review of it!
  • Be a follower  and let me know (5 entries)
  • Promise to write a review if you win (2 entries)
Additional Entries:
  • Check out softsoap and comment telling me your favorite scent  (1 entry)
Sign up for Influenster (its free) (2 entries)

Giveaway will run until January 6th and the winner will be announced on the 7th.

imPRESS Press-on Manicure Review

One of the  items in my Holiday VoxBox. I was so excited to see this in my VoxBox simply because I have always wanted fake nails but am no good with putting the glue on the nail. This is quick, simple, and easy!
The color I received is:

Normally I would not of chosen this pattern but actually it give a classy funky look to your nails!
My take of this product is:
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to apply: Find your fit, peel off back like sticker and press firmly then you are ready to show off your nails!
  • Practical
  • Affordable
  • Good for special events it says the product last a week for me it was about 3 days
  • Time saving- the longest part would be to pick the right size nails (do this before you plan on applying and it will save your time!)

Check out imPRESS  to see different patterns and colors for the press on manicure! Also, sign up for Influenster if you want to get a VoxBox and write reveiws of each!

The Best of 2011 Survey

Best Film:
That is hard sense I have seen almost every single movie this year. I would have to say The Help or Warrior or Real Steal.
Best Book:
Into the Wild even though it didn't come out this year I did read it and am the proud owner of the movie. If you haven't read this book you need to!
Best Song: 
My favorite song for this year is Just Breathe by Pearl Jam. This song has helped me through this year and the 5th anniversary of my mothers passing. It has helped with everything this year and probably will be my favorite for the rest of my life!
Best Holiday:
Christmas. Jesus was born!!! Celebrating with family and friends, giving gifts and receiving joy! PARTY!
Best Place Visited:
Haven't really traveled this year so Davidsonville, MD.
Best purchase: 
I don't know if this is the best but it was definitely what I spent most of my money on and that is GAS! 
New skill/hobby(ies):
Becoming a better blogger! Becoming an influenster.
New favorite food:
Green Beans. Okay no its not the first time I have had green beans but this year I have been craving them like crazy (no I'm not pregnant ha ha).
New favorite restaurant:
Probably Panera Bread. YUMMY
Most memorable moment:
Realizing how lucky I am. And giving HUGE BAG fulls of clothing to less fortunate people. Best feeling in the world serving others! 
Most valuable lesson(s) learned?
A life lived for others is a life worth living!
The only person stopping you is you.

Zen Tazo Tea Review

I have had many green teas before and to be honest I was a little on edge to try another green tea- but man Tazo got it! Tazo's Zen tea is a harmonious blend of Lemongrass and Spearmint. It wasn't overbearing at all but a subtle hint of grassy taste. It has a very calming effect when you sip it. I felt so relaxed when I  was finished and actually used that to do something productive (put away my Christmas gifts!) If you are looking for a good relaxing anytime hot tea Tazo Zen is it! I would encourage anyone and everyone to try it out!

Fuzzy Socks Self Discovery E-course Giveaway (You Know You Have To Check This Out!)

Fuzzy Love
These particular socks I wear when I am chillaxin' at home. They are so warm and definitely help me relax. The giveaway is over at 
what she is giving away is a Self Discovery Self Paced E-course that has a $151 value. This is a link-up giveaway so be sure to check it out! Giveaway ends on January 7th and the winner will be announced on January 8th.

Chillaxation Night

Okay so this is my plan for tonight!
  1. Go up stairs and have a nice cup of hot Zen Green Tea from Tazo! (Will probably have a small review on it!)
  2. Write 2-3 more reviews on my Holiday VoxBox from
  3. Find a movie to watch and chillax
  4. Look on Pinterest and find some more creative things to do
  5. Read more lovely blogs (I literally have been reading blogs all day I am an addict!)
  6. Write out a plan for the new year! Are you excited! It seems like 2011 has flown by what an amazing year its been.
  7. Put Christmas gifts away! I cannot wait to show them off!

Plumped Pomegranate Passion Peel Off By Montagne Jeunesse Review

I receive a trail size Passion Peel Off in Pomegranate and Passion Flower made by Montagne Jeunesse in my holiday VoxBox from Influenster. This is my first peel so I am super excited to try this product out! My review on this product is as follows:

What does a peel do for your skin?
 It deep cleans your skin leaving it feeling refreshed, clean, and beautiful!
The process:
This is one of the simplest things I have done. What you do is you clean your face prior to the peel off. Then you apply your Montagne Jeunesse peel off, relax for about 15 to 20 minutes and peel! Its that simple!

The Final Verdict:
After you put your hair back, the first thing you will realize is that it is very slimy when you put it on.
Sorry for this horrible picture. The peel wouldn't allow me to move my face and my hair is terrible. But oh well.
After applying be sure you wash your hands after applying it. Definitely apply a thin layer over your skin this makes the drying process much easier. Try to avoid your hair this includes eye brows, eye lashes etc.  Once its applied you are to let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes (use your best judgment on how long you want to wear the peel)  during this time you will feel the solution start to dry and it will be difficult to move your face at all. When going to peel off use a mirror it is best to see what you are doing. I left my peel on for about 15 minutes then peeled it off.
This is what the peel looks like! It is the weirdest thing ever to peel this stuff off your face but totally worth it!
 I did rinse my face afterward to make sure all of the peel was off and to rinse it off my hair. My skin is so soft and not shiny anymore! I highly recommend this product you will love the way your skin feels!
Note: The breakouts are not from this product! I so wish you could touch my face right now and see how soft it is!
This product does have a warning that says:
For external use only! Test for irritancy before use, keep out of reach of children. Avoid eyes- if contact occurs wash out with water. (P.S.-enjoy!)

Be sure to check out Montagne Jeunesse to see what other skin care products they have! Also, sign up for you will be so glad you did!

Emma Is Having A Giveaway!

Check out Emma's cute giveaway!
She is giving away one of her etsy shop items. They are adorable! Giveaway ends on New Years Day so be sure to check it out asap!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

LARABAR Peanut Butter Cookie

Another Holiday VoxBox Review!

If you are looking for a healthy sweet snack check out the Larabar Peanut Butter Cookie. They are Gluten free, dairy free,  and soy free. For a healthy snack they are amazing. Its not overly peanut buttery. The cookies are made of Dates, Peanuts, and Salt. They are 100 calories per cookie. If you don't like texture bar you probably will not like this product because it does have an interesting texture- but I would encourage you to at least try it and make a decision for yourself. The cookie is soft which is awesome, easy to chew and filling. It does warn that it may contain occasional nut shalls or put piecies. The bar I recieved is good until August 25 2012 so the product lasts.
Here is what it says on the back of the product package:
We at LARABAR believe that a sound mind, body, and spirit derived from food in its simplest, most natural state. Made from 100% real food, LARABAR id s mshivsl hstmony of fruits, nuts, and spices that will lift your vitality and provide energy with every bit! Simple. Pure. Delicious. Enjoy Energy!
Check out LARABAR to check out this product and others. They are yummy! Also be sure to sign up for Influenster to receive your VOxBox and write reviews!
P.S.- be sure to check out more reviews tomorrow!

NYC New York Color Nude Review

Another item that I received in my Holiday Voxbox from Influenster was the NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine in the Nude. Here are my thoughts:
The Packaging and Applicator: The lipshine is in a cylinder container with a see through bottom which I love because it makes it so easy to see how much you have left of the product to prepare for replacements. Also with cylinder casing it makes it so much easier to pop in your purse, definitely a must have.  LOVE the applicator because the brush is so much longer than most of the other lip glosses out there. Having a bigger applicator definitely saves you time simply because there is more product on the applicator so you don't have to re-dip 2-4 more times to get the perfect amount you do it once and your done!
The Color: I have never used a nude lip gloss but I must say I am impressed! I love that with the nude lip you can see your natural lip color. It is as though your are enhancing your nature beauty which as you know I love! I do think that every lady should have at least 1 nude lip shine from NYC simply because it is so simply and you know your going to look fabulous with this color on your lip.
The Final Verdict: Love it! This is the first time I have tried NYC New York Color and I think their products are fantastic. The Nude Lip Shine is definitely a MUST HAVE for you,  a great gift for all your friends (simply because you know they are going to look great wearing it- believe me picking out a lip color for someone is no easy task but this definitely makes life easy because it is Nude!
Get your Lip Shine in Nude on! You will be glad you did. And if you haven't done so already check out and sign up to get your Voxbox.

Mentos Pure Fresh Gum

One of the products in my Influenster Holiday Box was the Mentos Pure Fresh chewing gum. Here is my review:
The Packaging: Is practical it is in a on the go light blue plastic container great for throwing in your purse or briefcase. Has a heavy duty lid the pops open and closes with ease - lasts for a good while!
The Gum: Each container has 15 pieces of gum in them. The gum is sugar free, <5 calories, white with blue specks in it and has green tea extract and mint flavoring. My pack of gum doesn't expire until 07/2014 which mean I can enjoy this pack of gum until 2014 if I so desired.
The Taste: The flavor of the gum is Fresh Mint and taste amazing. It is a bit intense at first and get more subtle as you continue chewing. The minty flavor last and keeps your breathe fresh.
The Final Verdict: I definitely recommend this to everyone! Especially those of you that are constantly face to face with people- which is pretty much everyone. I am definitely buying more of this product when I run out!
Go out and get yourself some Mentos Pure Fresh chewing gum and let me know what you think! Also, go sign up for you will be glad you did.


Hey Y'all!
Merry (belated) Christmas!
Hope y'all's was a blessing!
Lets see on Christmas Eve Eve I worked all day to finish Brian's sisters present, which was a drawing of the Redskins Logo colored in how I do it! It looks freakin' awesome! Plus she loved it! (pics to follow soon) And I received my Secret Santa's gift THANK YOU KAREN! She gave me a multi colored Plaid Scarf, which is my first scarf and I love, a PEZ dispenser and a Santa skittles dispenser.
 Christmas Eve I went to church and then went to a fam Christmas Eve party. It was fun but we arrived an hour and a half early so no one was ready for us to be there and no one arrived until 7:30PM. It was fun though but I ate too much so when I arrived back at the Annapolis house (my aunts house) I immediately made a little sleeping area on the futon and passed out mind you it was at 9:30PM which is an early night for me. I woke up at 2AM (on Christmas morn) wide awake, finished their present nothing fancy. Then went downstairs and opened my holiday  box from imfluenster, which had the following items in it:
imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails
Coconut Scrub Bar Soap by Softsoap
Passion Peal Off Face Mask by Montagne Jeunesse
Liquid Lip Shine in Nude by New York Color
Pure Fresh Chewing Gum  in Fresh Mint by Mentos
Peanut Butter Cookie by Larabar
If you have never heard of Influenster please check out it is free to sign up you earn badges bast on how you like to influence people. For example I have a badge for blogging and makeup. Influenster will send you a box of items to try out and check in on the website to write a review also posting reviews on you website or YouTube etc. So stay tuned for the reviews it was a tad busy during Christmas to do the reviews but I am pumped to try these products!
Once I did all that it was about 4AM and I went back to sleep until the coffee machine went off at 6AM. I grabbed a fresh cup of coffee and waited patiently for everyone to awake. Our christmas began around 9AM. I got some great gifts! Most of them clothes (which were much needed), Victoria Secret panties, a Jiffy Lube gift card so I can get my oil changed (also desperately needed), a gift card to the movies (NICE), 2 bluray DVDs: Into the Wild and The Help, 2 Boyce Avenue CDs made that Brian made (have been jammin' to them all weekend!! I will be reviewing the movies soon! Once the presents were all opened we had breakfast egg casserole which was awesome, and played with our new toys. I just relaxed in front of the fire and did a puzzle that Abby had gotten. Christmas din was Lamb leg with gravy, Greek salad, steamed green beans with portabella mushrooms, and biscuits. It was scrumptious! Then Abby, Sheri and I played a game Abby had gotten which I forget the name but it was like pictionary but you have to create whatever it is out of Legos- it was a little tough I am not going to lie.
Around 5PM I went back home and had din with Brian's fam and opened my presents from them, I received: a light hoodie, a Dove kit (which included body wash, a luffa, a bar of soap and shampoo) <from Joan, Brian's grandma>, a beautiful snowflake necklace <from Lisa, Brian's sister>, and a Starbucks 2 mug gift box (which includes 2.5 ounce bag of  Breakfast Blend ground coffee, Awake Tazo tea, Zen Tazo tea and of course the 2 mugs) <from Linda and Billy, Brian's Parents.
The day after christmas I went to Norstrom Rack to exchange some jeans for a different size, then I headed over to Mom-Mom's house to celebrate christmas with the Reno's. Which is a tradition. I received an outfit I modeled for the Odenton Heritage Society, a navy Cami, a picture frame ornament, a gift card to Bath and Body Works, a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates YUMMY, $20 dollars, fuzzy socks, and candy. We ate (almost like thanksgiving food) and played 2 games: Word on the Street which was really fun and Likewise which was okay. Then went back to the Annapolis house picked up my car and headed back home.
When I got there Lisa was there and cooked a turkey dinner for everyone! It was amazing! Thanksgiving food all over again! I was stuffed and in a food coma. We finished the night by watching American Pickers and Pawn Stars.
I am so glad I am back to posting I missed everyone! Can't wait to write those reviews! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Radvent Challenge #23

My presence is busy working on my Christmas gifts. Which I am stressing about getting done in time! But have all night to complete at least 4 out of the 5 in time for Christmas. I am determined to get them done though.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Sorry If I Am MIA Today

Okay so I am doing drawings for all the important people in my life. It is a long process and I started today but it is so worth it! So here are the themes I am doing:
For Lisa: Redskins Logo (it looks freakin' awesome)
For Brian: Jesus Never Tapped: UFC Logo: Ultimate Faith Challenge
For Joan aka Brian's Grandma, Linda and Billy aka Brian's Parents: Cross with verse underneath
For Johnny and Sheri: Ravens Logo
All of these drawings will be in colored pencils, black ballpoint pen, with signature and date and frame.
I can't wait to show all the drawings off to y'all!

Radvent Challenge #22: Promises

I have never been married. And really dont have alot of friends to make promises to. But I did promise Brian (who is really my ex boyfriend) that if we did break up that we would still remain friends. It has really helped! He is my best friend and I didn't want to lose him if it didn't work out dating.
Over the past 3 years I have learned to promise myself to strive to know myself and to love myself every day. So far I have been successful but there are somedays I do struggle with it but thats okay. As long as the next day I get up and try again!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Giveaway Over At Unwritten

Hey y'all!
Go check out Unwritten she is having a Holiday Giveaway! Don't miss out the giveaway ends on the 30th of December!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Radvent Challenge #21

I want people to see me as a woman who encourages and puts others first. Who wants to listen to you and help you out. I want to be the woman that gets along with everyone. Who everyone loves and who I love in return. I want people to take me seriously and realize that I put my passions into actions. I take my artwork seriously- I put a piece of myself into my artwork. That I am a great artist, writer, and photographer. That I impact others lives in the positive.
I think I portray that well but a couple things I struggle with is being overly shy. I have to build my trust in you before I just open up to you. I have been hurt in my past by the people I thought loved me the most. I am  tend to judge myself harshly-low self esteem and self image (but I am working on this!)
It is easiest to be myself when I am with my birth fam or my best friend Brian and his family. Simply because I am comfortable with the people I am around so I can share that comfort with people I may meet.
I love my authentic self because I know that when I am authentic it is the way God intended.  When I am authentic I feel like no matter who I meet they are going to love me because I am real with them. 

Radvent Challenge #20: Mentoring

I want to learn from people that live their dreams and live their passions. I want to learn from someone who is real and honest about all aspects and facets of their business.
If I could job shadow anyone for a day it would be all of these lovely ladies who live their passions. Who opened an etsy shop and then a boutique. All these photographers who took a chance and started to shoot and capture life. All these artist whether abstract or fine that capture emotions in their artwork- love, beauty, sadness, color etc. All these people that I know through their blogs and etsy shops- I would shadow you! You inspire me to be brave and take that first step in opening my etsy shop! Thank you!

15 Questions For My Mentors:
1. ETSY SHOP OWNERS: How do you prepare to open an etsy shop?
2. Was it hard?
3. How did you build an audience or network your business?
4. How do you go about pricing items? How do you go about choosing a shipping cost?
5. EVENT PLANNERS/WEDDING PLANNERS: How do you go about becoming a wedding/event planner?
6. Were you ever discouraged? Did you ever think about quitting? If so, what kept you going?
7. FOR ALL THE WRITERS: How do you deal with writers block?
8. How do you go about getting your work copyrighted?
9. How do you go about getting it published?
10. How do you get your book into readers hands?
11. How do you price the book?
12. FOR ALL THE PHOTOGRAPHERS: How do you get clients to shoot?
13. What camera(s) do you use? Why?
14. How do you go about getting prints made?
15. How do you go about pricing prints, shots, etc?

Feel free to leave answers in comment area! I am interested in all these areas! Thank you and enjoy!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Radvent Challenge #19 God Bless YOU

At my best I am a free spirit. I am a easy going, fun, creative person. Motivated to live her life and fulfill her dreams. I am a very open minded person who love to listen to other peoples perspectives and opinions. Encouraging others constantly to live their life without regret. Inspired by God's artistic gallery which is all of creation.
I was really happy with myself this year (I still struggle with myself) but this year was the year that I most took my life by the horns. I moved out of my aunts house (which was huge), I then moved out of a christian couples home after the husband could talk to me about his opinion of my lifestyle because I was a woman and he thought me a lesser being, shaved my head in remembrance of my moms struggle with cancer RIP Mom,  then I joined Mary Kay which was a HUGE step for me and really a great one since I learned leadership, independence and the love and support of women, but besides ALL of that I really started to believe in myself.
If you were or are anything like me (if you struggle with no self-esteem, abusive situations, depression, cutting, feeling ugly and hating your body image, etc etc) can I just tell you something you are good enough, strong enough, brave enough, beautiful enough, talented enough, artistic enough, loved enough to live your life! 
Guess what I have 1 friend, he is a male, he is my BEST friend, and he is amazing. That all I have is 1 best friend no girlfriends, no physical friends that I hang out with beside Brian (my best friend). That sometimes bothers me not having girl friends to do a girls night out or something or to just talk about girl things- but thank God I have a blog where I read and follow all these lovely women! Thank God I started blogging and got up enough courage to make it a goal to open an etsy shop in 2012. Thank God for you! I never realized how much support and love I have gotten through my blog until just recently. Thank God for you!
God Bless You!

Plans For Today

My plan for today is as follows mind you its 3:50AM still struggling with falling asleep. Anyways on to the to-do list:

  • Get up at 8:30AM
  • Work on handmade gifts for everyone *if you have any easy ideas please let me know as I have about 45people to make gifts for (just starting)
  • Get Blog Brain Book together and do a tutorial on it (sorry I know I have said this before I promise I will post it today!)
  • Send love letters out tomorrow via post office (out of stamps-boo)
  • Pray that I get 25 sponsors to swap buttons, do giveaways and guest post on my blog for January 2012 (If you would like to help me out please email me)
  • Organize desk and closet
  • Get ready for Abby's Christmas concert and head over to watch it

Monday, December 19, 2011

Giveaway Gifts For Me

 I won 2 giveaways a couple of weeks ago which is super exciting and receive the packages in the mail one on Friday or Saturday and the other today! I really am excited to present them to you as they are amazing just like the two ladies that created/captured them!
This was taken by Georgia at ThruALens Photography I encourage each of you to check out her etsy shop she is a very talented photographer! P.S. looking at these prints on the computer do not do them justice. So gorgeous in person!
Isn't the packaging so cute! I just had to take a couple of pictures!
This lovely piece is from Cat at Brideblu check out her link. She make gorgeous jewelry! P.S. I love that she sent me a tracking number so I knew exactly where the package was in the mail!

Both these ladies are super sweet they both informed me when they sent their package out and let me know when it should arrive. Please give these lovely ladies some business or at least visit their etsy shops for future gifts. Thank you! 

P.S. If you would like to sponsor me (it is a simple button swap), do a giveaway, or guest post  in January  please email me for more information!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

January Ad Space!

Hiya! I am starting to prepare for the new year specifically January. I need sponsors to swap buttons with. Plus I need people who are willing to do giveaways on my blog and guest post on my blog. I would like at least 20-25 sponsors. Here is what I need to know:
What you are interested in:
Sponsoring, guest posting and/or giveaway
Sponsors Please Include:

  • Button code size 185 x 100 Pixels
  • Your blog link and a blurb about what your blog is about
  • A picture of yourself and 5 interesting facts/fun facts about yourself
  • What your new years resolution is and why.
  • Any other links you want me to promote for you (Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest etc.)
  • If you have an etsy shop please also include some information about what you make/what your shop is all about

Guest Posting/Giveaways Please Include:

  • What you are planning to post about/giveaway
  • When you would like your guest post or giveaway to be
  • If you are doing a giveaway please let me know how long your want the giveaway to run (a month, a week, 3 days etc.)

Also, if you want to sponsor me please be a follower of mine. I follow all of my sponsors so please repay me by following me.
If you are interest in swapping, guest posting and/or giveaways please comment me at