Monday, November 28, 2011

Embracing the Face: Loving the Skin I'm In!

 So, this is a somewhat recent picture that I have taken of myself. I do have makeup on in this photo but my camera and my phone aren't working right now so this picture and some of the ones below of me in the past will have to do.

To be honest I have always been self conscious about my face simply because I have had acne my whole life (despite what the photo shows). I have always thought that to be popular or to fall in love it was based a lot on looks, but over the past 3 years I have learned to love myself. Especially that fact that I am tall and skinny. I have learned to love my dimples, my nose, my smile, my beautiful green eyes, and my full eyebrows. Once you learn to love yourself and build your confidence others will be drawn to you! I am still waiting for my prince charming to come but I am not letting my imperfections hold me back from living!

I am learning to love my hair. I shaved my head in March to remember my mothers struggle with cancer which took her life in 2006. It was a really empowering experience but quite sad how people treat you differently when you don't fit the norm. But it built a lot of my confidence and love for myself. Now that my hair is growing out I can't wait to put some hair accessories in it! Its in a awkward length (still too short to put up) but it will get there soon!


  1. Wow! so powerful! I love the skin you're in:) you said one thing that I absolutely LOVE: that when you love yourself, others will be drawn to your beauty and now at 31 years of age, i'm {we're} living proof that this is the truth! I am so happy you joined me in embracing the face and want you to know your mommy is so proud of you! she's watching over your gorgeous face and your short hair is beautiful! xoxo

  2. wow what a great post. I loved your honesty about your struggle with beauty. it's so true about confidence. I thought i had to wear the right clothes to have friends and really it's not about that at all!

  3. This is so inspiring! Good for you! These days we are not taught to love our-self, and that is very sad. I'm working on the same things in my life.


    PS- your shaved head actually looks really great!


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