Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Interview Tomorrow! WOOOHOOO!

I am so excited right now y'all! I just talk to the owner of Dogwood Acres and have an interview tomorrow at 1PM! I am beyond thrilled! God has given me a passion for animals so to work with animals all day just sounds amazing! I also view it as a service to the owners and take pet care seriously! Oh man i am so blessed and in awe of God right now! Just last night I was praying "Please God let Dogwood Acres or any other job that I have applied to call" and man does God have perfect timing! Audrey (who is the owner of the facility) called at 10AM this morning! I then called her back at 11AM but got the machine (as they are closed from 11-2) then I called her again around 2:30PM and BAM scheduled an interview! And man does she sound nice! I am so excited to meet her face to face! Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow around 1PM! Thank you! Thank you!

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