Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today Tuesday Today

Alright! So, despite the rainy depressing weather ALL DAY LONG!!! I managed to make it out of the house. I went to the SPCA and another doggie daycare/boarding facility to apply for a job. Hopefully I hear back soon. I also found out that Verizon has turned off my cell phone because I am 3 months late on the bill. Which makes the whole application process a little tricky as I have to use another number.
When I returned home I was told that me and my friend were to get some milk. So, I took a quick shower and decided I would drive my car this time (as Brian had driven earlier today). I noticed my car wasn't unlocking and I had to unlock it manually, also noticed my light didn't come on when I opened the door and when I put the key in and tried to turn it nothing happened. Just what I need right now. So, apparently because I didn't use it for about a week or so and because the weather became cooler we think that the battery died. Hopefully, tomorrow we can figure out the problem (as I have an interview for a dog walking job at 1:30PM). I am hoping that we can fix it without buying something because I can't afford ANYTHING right now.
On a side note, thank you all of my followers I saw I had a new addition which brightened my day! Thanks.

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