Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Despite not being able to sleep until about 6oclock in the morning which set me back on waking up until 12:45PM, didn't ruin my day. I got on here and found out I have a new follower which I am pretty stoked about! I read her blog and absolutely love everything she writes about! (Now am her follower!) Went upstairs and had a coke for brunch ha ha if that counts. It seems now a days I don't eat until dinner time, which I am sure is not at all good for you, but I find I am more thirsty then hungry during the day. Came back downstairs to my room and turned on some music (my play list which has a little bit of everything!) and started to read some blogs. I find reading blogs amazingly relaxing.

I wanted to invite my readers to something.

 I love to get snail mail and so I was thinking it might be fun to become pen pals with my readers. If you would like to become my pen pal please email me at servantshands88@aol.com

Hope to hear from you soon!

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