Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Best of 2011 Survey

Best Film:
That is hard sense I have seen almost every single movie this year. I would have to say The Help or Warrior or Real Steal.
Best Book:
Into the Wild even though it didn't come out this year I did read it and am the proud owner of the movie. If you haven't read this book you need to!
Best Song: 
My favorite song for this year is Just Breathe by Pearl Jam. This song has helped me through this year and the 5th anniversary of my mothers passing. It has helped with everything this year and probably will be my favorite for the rest of my life!
Best Holiday:
Christmas. Jesus was born!!! Celebrating with family and friends, giving gifts and receiving joy! PARTY!
Best Place Visited:
Haven't really traveled this year so Davidsonville, MD.
Best purchase: 
I don't know if this is the best but it was definitely what I spent most of my money on and that is GAS! 
New skill/hobby(ies):
Becoming a better blogger! Becoming an influenster.
New favorite food:
Green Beans. Okay no its not the first time I have had green beans but this year I have been craving them like crazy (no I'm not pregnant ha ha).
New favorite restaurant:
Probably Panera Bread. YUMMY
Most memorable moment:
Realizing how lucky I am. And giving HUGE BAG fulls of clothing to less fortunate people. Best feeling in the world serving others! 
Most valuable lesson(s) learned?
A life lived for others is a life worth living!
The only person stopping you is you.

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  1. Thanks for sending me the link Amber! Totally enjoyed reading this.. Im always looking for new book recs so Am going to put this on my checkout list (into the wild sounds so catchy!!) And sorry to hear about your mommy.. That must be sooo soo hard:-(
    ps. panera rocks huh?
    pps happy new year!!!!!


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