Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Think Its Gonna Be A All-Nighter

Okay so its a little past  4:30AM and I am still wide awake, might as well just stay up now.
I made the decision to stop being a Mary Kay consultant as I haven't made any profit and was a consultant for 7 months now. I just can't do it right now. Don't get me wrong their products are great! I had a lot of fun with it but I am ready to just find a real job and make an actual profit not be over taxed and over shipping cost and in debt. Thank God I didn't buy an inventory. I am ready to try other brands as well, I especially want to try the birchbox thing that is such a great idea! I am ready to pay off my IOUs for Mary Kay and say bye bye (for now maybe or maybe forever).
I am way stressed out looking for jobs, I would love to model if a photographer would hire me. Its pretty slim pickins in MD at least the area I live in for jobs. I am determined to find one before the end of the month. I desperately need to get out of debt.
My dream jobs are:
  1. Self Employed- selling my creations
  2. Stay at home momma
  3. Photographer
  4. Event Planner (Weddings, Parties, Banquets etc)
  5. Model
  6. Magazine writer
  7. Author
  8. Traveler
  9. Craft teacher
  10. Store Owner- It would be a hole in the wall coffee/tea shop(with local musicians in the evenings), with a gallery to one side to display my works and my writings, it would have a couple of rooms in the back where my friend can teach guitar lessons, and rooms upstairs where I would live. It would be pet friendly and artist friendly- where locals could sell their art/books as well. Oh man,, one day!
Where would you work if you could work anywhere?

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  1. Oh man. You should get a job at a bridal store so that when you want to become a wedding planner you'll have contacts. It's all about networking!


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