Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hey Y'all!
Merry (belated) Christmas!
Hope y'all's was a blessing!
Lets see on Christmas Eve Eve I worked all day to finish Brian's sisters present, which was a drawing of the Redskins Logo colored in how I do it! It looks freakin' awesome! Plus she loved it! (pics to follow soon) And I received my Secret Santa's gift THANK YOU KAREN! She gave me a multi colored Plaid Scarf, which is my first scarf and I love, a PEZ dispenser and a Santa skittles dispenser.
 Christmas Eve I went to church and then went to a fam Christmas Eve party. It was fun but we arrived an hour and a half early so no one was ready for us to be there and no one arrived until 7:30PM. It was fun though but I ate too much so when I arrived back at the Annapolis house (my aunts house) I immediately made a little sleeping area on the futon and passed out mind you it was at 9:30PM which is an early night for me. I woke up at 2AM (on Christmas morn) wide awake, finished their present nothing fancy. Then went downstairs and opened my holiday  box from imfluenster, which had the following items in it:
imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails
Coconut Scrub Bar Soap by Softsoap
Passion Peal Off Face Mask by Montagne Jeunesse
Liquid Lip Shine in Nude by New York Color
Pure Fresh Chewing Gum  in Fresh Mint by Mentos
Peanut Butter Cookie by Larabar
If you have never heard of Influenster please check out Influenster.com it is free to sign up you earn badges bast on how you like to influence people. For example I have a badge for blogging and makeup. Influenster will send you a box of items to try out and check in on the website to write a review also posting reviews on you website or YouTube etc. So stay tuned for the reviews it was a tad busy during Christmas to do the reviews but I am pumped to try these products!
Once I did all that it was about 4AM and I went back to sleep until the coffee machine went off at 6AM. I grabbed a fresh cup of coffee and waited patiently for everyone to awake. Our christmas began around 9AM. I got some great gifts! Most of them clothes (which were much needed), Victoria Secret panties, a Jiffy Lube gift card so I can get my oil changed (also desperately needed), a gift card to the movies (NICE), 2 bluray DVDs: Into the Wild and The Help, 2 Boyce Avenue CDs made that Brian made (have been jammin' to them all weekend!! I will be reviewing the movies soon! Once the presents were all opened we had breakfast egg casserole which was awesome, and played with our new toys. I just relaxed in front of the fire and did a puzzle that Abby had gotten. Christmas din was Lamb leg with gravy, Greek salad, steamed green beans with portabella mushrooms, and biscuits. It was scrumptious! Then Abby, Sheri and I played a game Abby had gotten which I forget the name but it was like pictionary but you have to create whatever it is out of Legos- it was a little tough I am not going to lie.
Around 5PM I went back home and had din with Brian's fam and opened my presents from them, I received: a light hoodie, a Dove kit (which included body wash, a luffa, a bar of soap and shampoo) <from Joan, Brian's grandma>, a beautiful snowflake necklace <from Lisa, Brian's sister>, and a Starbucks 2 mug gift box (which includes 2.5 ounce bag of  Breakfast Blend ground coffee, Awake Tazo tea, Zen Tazo tea and of course the 2 mugs) <from Linda and Billy, Brian's Parents.
The day after christmas I went to Norstrom Rack to exchange some jeans for a different size, then I headed over to Mom-Mom's house to celebrate christmas with the Reno's. Which is a tradition. I received an outfit I modeled for the Odenton Heritage Society, a navy Cami, a picture frame ornament, a gift card to Bath and Body Works, a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates YUMMY, $20 dollars, fuzzy socks, and candy. We ate (almost like thanksgiving food) and played 2 games: Word on the Street which was really fun and Likewise which was okay. Then went back to the Annapolis house picked up my car and headed back home.
When I got there Lisa was there and cooked a turkey dinner for everyone! It was amazing! Thanksgiving food all over again! I was stuffed and in a food coma. We finished the night by watching American Pickers and Pawn Stars.
I am so glad I am back to posting I missed everyone! Can't wait to write those reviews! :)

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