Sunday, December 18, 2011

January Ad Space!

Hiya! I am starting to prepare for the new year specifically January. I need sponsors to swap buttons with. Plus I need people who are willing to do giveaways on my blog and guest post on my blog. I would like at least 20-25 sponsors. Here is what I need to know:
What you are interested in:
Sponsoring, guest posting and/or giveaway
Sponsors Please Include:

  • Button code size 185 x 100 Pixels
  • Your blog link and a blurb about what your blog is about
  • A picture of yourself and 5 interesting facts/fun facts about yourself
  • What your new years resolution is and why.
  • Any other links you want me to promote for you (Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest etc.)
  • If you have an etsy shop please also include some information about what you make/what your shop is all about

Guest Posting/Giveaways Please Include:

  • What you are planning to post about/giveaway
  • When you would like your guest post or giveaway to be
  • If you are doing a giveaway please let me know how long your want the giveaway to run (a month, a week, 3 days etc.)

Also, if you want to sponsor me please be a follower of mine. I follow all of my sponsors so please repay me by following me.
If you are interest in swapping, guest posting and/or giveaways please comment me at

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