Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mentos Pure Fresh Gum

One of the products in my Influenster Holiday Box was the Mentos Pure Fresh chewing gum. Here is my review:
The Packaging: Is practical it is in a on the go light blue plastic container great for throwing in your purse or briefcase. Has a heavy duty lid the pops open and closes with ease - lasts for a good while!
The Gum: Each container has 15 pieces of gum in them. The gum is sugar free, <5 calories, white with blue specks in it and has green tea extract and mint flavoring. My pack of gum doesn't expire until 07/2014 which mean I can enjoy this pack of gum until 2014 if I so desired.
The Taste: The flavor of the gum is Fresh Mint and taste amazing. It is a bit intense at first and get more subtle as you continue chewing. The minty flavor last and keeps your breathe fresh.
The Final Verdict: I definitely recommend this to everyone! Especially those of you that are constantly face to face with people- which is pretty much everyone. I am definitely buying more of this product when I run out!
Go out and get yourself some Mentos Pure Fresh chewing gum and let me know what you think! Also, go sign up for Influenster.com you will be glad you did.


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