Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Day!

Hey Loves!
Okay so I have had an amazing and busy day! The Richards fam had a birthday party at the house for Brian's 3 of the cousins. Brian and I ran out to get the pizzas (Pizza Hut) and 2 liter sodas (Safeway) and I had to get gas that was around 4PM. Then, once we got back which around 4:30PM I scarfed down 2 slices and then went out to pet sit sweet Lola!

She is a one year old yellow lab and all pup and energy. I fed her din and then we played outside for 45minutes. We had a blast! I love dogs!
Once I was done pet sitting Miss Lola, I headed over to babysit my sibs (James and Abby). I fixed  James and I some pizza bagel bites since Abby already eat. Then we hoped in the care and went around the neighborhood to look at all the Christmas decorations and lights (it was fun but I feel like not a lot of people decorated this year-oh well we had a blast!) Once we got home we made popcorn and went in the den to watch 2 Christmas movies, the first Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas and the second was A Miser Brothers' Christmas. During the second movie we made hot chocolate and ate a few chocolate kisses and some candy corns. Then I put James and Abby down at 9:30PM and have been watching TV waiting for the folks to get home. 
Today was definitely a good day and seeing Lola, James, and Abby definitely brightened my day! I hope everyone had a great day! 
I think I am going to re-size my signature as it is taking up a lot of wasted space. 

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