Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Radvent Challenge # 4

I am very shy and quiet (you would never know this from the me you see behind the computer).  I tend to observe a lot which sounds creepy but I think that observing others and yourself is one of the most influencial learning experience. I find myself day dreaming and saying well if that were me I would or wouldn't of done that. I make up a story about the people I observe (nothing mean or silly). I would encourage everyone to do this for 30min to 1 hour once a week and see if it makes a difference in your life.
Two things I began to care about this year would be:
  1. Myself (which sounds really bad but hear me out! What I mean is that i was always people focus and set myself on the back burner. I actually hated myself for the longest time and am still learning to love myself. All I mean is just spending time on me NOT 24/7 but a couple hours out of each day)
  2. Passions into Actions what I mean is livng out my passions. See I worked retail for like 5 years (nothing wrong with retail) I didn't enjoy it and it was a lot of drama! I was actually being harassed at one point and no one would do anything not even the regional manager! So I decided never again, I am only going to work for a company if I have a passion for what they are about. you will love the way it feels when you LOVE your job and have a passion for it!
Things I don't give a SHH IT about:
Football, what color your hair is (I love people with random colored hair and have always wanted purple hair), if you have a tattoo (LOVE THEM), IF YOU HAVE A PEIRCING LOVE THEM TOO, Beer (sorry I am a girly drink kinda gal), Spiders and any other creepy crawlers (especially daddy long legs EWWW!), Cursing (it happens yes I curse but I won't say certain words like GD), COLD WEATHER AND SNOW (I could do without this, i don't mind snow I just hate driving in it!), fashion (I like it I just am not hyperfocused on it I wear what works for me)
Well sure there is more than that but I think this is a good start!

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