Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Radvent # 6

I have been doing this prompt all day (as I posted my to-do list earlier and have checked off all but 2. But here are a couple of my short term goal:
  • Get a job that i love and pay the bill and pay down debts
  • Make some products to sell and produce an Etsy Shop
  • Get back to Read Your Bookshelf (I have so many half red or unopened books on my shelf I am determined to read them all before buying any more
  • Recycle old books and notebooks as art journal! (I really really want to do this but am scared to start as I don't know any techniques)
  • Start writing again (my book) and maybe start writing for a magazine as a freelance writer
  • Get an oil change (I am like 2000 over its bad)
My goal is to start and do each but basically to start I need to make a schedule (this helps me focus). Hope everyone is having an amazing Tuesday. I am so bummed that it was rainy ALL DAY LONG so I couldn't go to lights on the bay with my fam. But I do get to babysit my sibs on Thursday night and have some great ideas for things to do with them! Excited for what the future holds.

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