Saturday, December 10, 2011

Radvent Challenge # 10

I actually want to be a writer. I have always wanted to write my life story and also have been writing a christian inspiration book much like the style of Max Lucado. I am not going to say I have done well writing over the past year or so it seem I have hit a major road block but am ready to give it another go. I do keep a journal though I must say I have been slacking on the too this year.
Writing for me is a release. if you have read my story or know me you know that I struggle with cutting myself as a means of release. Thank God for writing because if I didn't take a creative writing course in high school I don't even think I would be alive now. It is funny though because people think that cutting is automatically an act of suicide, yes I do think that but I think it is also an act of escape and release. I shoved all my emotional pain down deep inside and when I cut it is that physical act of releasing my emotional pain. And most people think that cutting is a thing you just get over, I disagree, to me cutting was very much and is very much an addiction. I will struggle with it all my life. Yes, I have slipped up and cut myself but more often then not I turn to my pen and journal than to a knife or sharp object.
A lot of times I write about an event or some experience I have gone through. I don't think I have any rule...well except one which is be honest. I want to be real with my audience and since I am no good at writing characters and better at writing inspiration and motivational materials it is better for my audience if I am honest. They can see my heart through my writings.
I do like to do prompts to so I will probably do a few prompts in my journal or art journal later on today!
Enjoy your weekend!

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