Thursday, December 15, 2011

Radvent Challenge #15

I believe my definition of success has definitely changed base on my life happenings. I mean in high school I thought success was graduating, in college getting a degree (But I wasn't serious about college so I stopped after 2 years), after that success became how much money would be on my paycheck (seemed like I was making bank but didn't realize how burnt out I was physically, mentally and emotionally), now I think success is being happy with what you got and doing what you love.
I am happy for those who make it big like CEOs or multi-million dollar people. or Co-workers that get promoted etc. But then again I start beating myself up comparing my work or my life to theirs. Not good! I tend to get slightly jealous/envious but over all I am genuinely happy for them because MOST times they earned it.
Well everyone you are my successful people! What is your secret?

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  1. Comparing yourself to others is a dead end and just a bad idea. If only I could listen to my own advice about that ...


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