Friday, December 16, 2011

Radvent Challenge #16

My daily routine or schedule does impact those around me. Yes normally I am at home and to myself. I normally start my day with a coffee, tea or another hot drink (we have a nifty individual hot drink makrr) then i write down a to-do list and get to it. Normally my to-do lists consist of laundry, straightening and organizing, blogging, getting gas, going out. etc etc. My life is pretty chill considering I am unemployed and don't have a boyfriend or children. The way my life impacts those around me is simply based on my routine and schedule. If I want to do laundry but someone else in the house is doing laundry obviously I can't do it until later on. But its just simple things like that, simple things. I like to get things done and hate to stop a project in the middle. (I don't think I am the only one). I love helping people especially those I live with because they took me in when I had no where to go. Sometimes I will do a load of towels or empty the dishwasher or clean the basement etc.
I do believe having a schedule or keeping a routine is important in everyday life. It is important also to realize that your life effects everyone around you. Try to do an act of kindness a day. Give back to those around you. When you give, blessings will shower down upon you!
Be safe this weekend!

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