Sunday, December 18, 2011

Radvent Challenge #18

My influences are an as seen type. I really just wear what I like and have a unique style. I am growing into the vintage look and am learning to shop at etsy shops, online, and consignment shops. I love etsy shops because their clothes are usually unique and super duper cute.
A trend I want to try is just to look more professional. Wear blazers, scarves, platform heels, girly thing. I found out that I wear jeans and t-shirts with a hoodie but I want to look more professional and polished.
As far as accessories I love purses! I only have 2 because I donated all of the others to purple heart so I am in desperate want of some new purses. I like wristlets but am definitely a big purse lady. I like to put my whole life in my purse and take it with me or at least the importants: phone, camera, notebook for journaling, planner-you never know when you need it, pens, glamor items, wallet etc. WOuld love a purse for christmas if you send it to me I will write a review and get the word out how great your products are! I want to use scarves (would love to get one for free-I will give a review). Jewlry love them all (again if you need a review on etsy items I will give it!) Love nail polish am trying to learn some of the cool technique I found on pinterest- I am a bright neon crazy colors kinda gal.
As far as hairstyle I have always ALWAYS wanted to dye my hair purple whether it be all my hair, highlights, or tips I want to do this! I will do this! Also, if anyone has any suggestions on what to do with my hair which is at an annoying length because I can't do anything with it- if you have ANY suggestions for styles or tutorials to help please PLEASE comment them below!

P.S. if you want to know more feel free to comment with questions!

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