Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Radvent Challenge #19 God Bless YOU

At my best I am a free spirit. I am a easy going, fun, creative person. Motivated to live her life and fulfill her dreams. I am a very open minded person who love to listen to other peoples perspectives and opinions. Encouraging others constantly to live their life without regret. Inspired by God's artistic gallery which is all of creation.
I was really happy with myself this year (I still struggle with myself) but this year was the year that I most took my life by the horns. I moved out of my aunts house (which was huge), I then moved out of a christian couples home after the husband could talk to me about his opinion of my lifestyle because I was a woman and he thought me a lesser being, shaved my head in remembrance of my moms struggle with cancer RIP Mom,  then I joined Mary Kay which was a HUGE step for me and really a great one since I learned leadership, independence and the love and support of women, but besides ALL of that I really started to believe in myself.
If you were or are anything like me (if you struggle with no self-esteem, abusive situations, depression, cutting, feeling ugly and hating your body image, etc etc) can I just tell you something you are good enough, strong enough, brave enough, beautiful enough, talented enough, artistic enough, loved enough to live your life! 
Guess what I have 1 friend, he is a male, he is my BEST friend, and he is amazing. That all I have is 1 best friend no girlfriends, no physical friends that I hang out with beside Brian (my best friend). That sometimes bothers me not having girl friends to do a girls night out or something or to just talk about girl things- but thank God I have a blog where I read and follow all these lovely women! Thank God I started blogging and got up enough courage to make it a goal to open an etsy shop in 2012. Thank God for you! I never realized how much support and love I have gotten through my blog until just recently. Thank God for you!
God Bless You!

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