Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Radvent Challenge #20: Mentoring

I want to learn from people that live their dreams and live their passions. I want to learn from someone who is real and honest about all aspects and facets of their business.
If I could job shadow anyone for a day it would be all of these lovely ladies who live their passions. Who opened an etsy shop and then a boutique. All these photographers who took a chance and started to shoot and capture life. All these artist whether abstract or fine that capture emotions in their artwork- love, beauty, sadness, color etc. All these people that I know through their blogs and etsy shops- I would shadow you! You inspire me to be brave and take that first step in opening my etsy shop! Thank you!

15 Questions For My Mentors:
1. ETSY SHOP OWNERS: How do you prepare to open an etsy shop?
2. Was it hard?
3. How did you build an audience or network your business?
4. How do you go about pricing items? How do you go about choosing a shipping cost?
5. EVENT PLANNERS/WEDDING PLANNERS: How do you go about becoming a wedding/event planner?
6. Were you ever discouraged? Did you ever think about quitting? If so, what kept you going?
7. FOR ALL THE WRITERS: How do you deal with writers block?
8. How do you go about getting your work copyrighted?
9. How do you go about getting it published?
10. How do you get your book into readers hands?
11. How do you price the book?
12. FOR ALL THE PHOTOGRAPHERS: How do you get clients to shoot?
13. What camera(s) do you use? Why?
14. How do you go about getting prints made?
15. How do you go about pricing prints, shots, etc?

Feel free to leave answers in comment area! I am interested in all these areas! Thank you and enjoy!

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