Friday, December 2, 2011

Radvent Challenge 2011 #1 & #2

I have decided to participate in the Radvent Challenge for 2011, from what I can tell it is a reflection of your year. It seems like fun! And runs all December! (Feel free to do it on your blog or in the privacy of your journal) it is basically for you..  I am a little behind so I will be posting 2 of the prompts today as it is December 2nd.
The thing that is challenging me most right now would be the fact that I am unemployed and behind on bills. Don't get me wrong I am actively looking for jobs and have had 2 interviews in 2 days so hopefully by next week I will have a J-O-B! But still I am behind on some bills so the stress of catching up in always in the back of my mind as well. Being unemployed has been nice in that it has help me reflect on what I really want out of a job, help me blog more and figure out what my passion is for the future. I have refocused on God, life, others. I am finding that it is so nice to have the day totally open to do whatever. But that fact is that i simply need a steady job to pay the bills and get out of debt. And I am hoping to get some art done so I can open an etsy shop and participate in giveaways. I am eager to see what plans God has in store for me! I am so anxious and excited!
Balancing is a talent to say the least. I don't have a lot to balance but in my own way I do. (Confused let me explain)... Balancing for me means doing my daily tasks and getting what I need to get done done. Because I don't have a family of my own yet and no home of my own my balance is a lot easier (to some) than say a mother of 3 who works full time, volunteers at her child's school, is in PTA, goes to the gym daily, is active in her church, runs an etsy business, etc etc. The thing that helps me most focus is making a list. My daily tasks usually involve doing laundry, straightening and tiding the room, posting on the blog, reading all the blogs i follow which is about 100-150 (but I love each and every one of them!), looking and applying to jobs and there are some more things as well. The three things that I needed to get done today were to do a phone interview with PNC bank for a teller position (I was nervous but overall did well for it being my 1st phone recorded interview), reading the blogs and making sure I have all the sponsors up and going for December, and figuring out who I am sending Christmas cards to this year! I am actively working on the card list as it is a lot of people.
Balancing for me also mean to make sure I focus on my health. I am really bad about not eating until dinner time (which apparently is bad for you) and i need to balance what I eat (as I tend to eat whatever without thinking about it. I need to exercise more and stop making the excuse that I can't (as I have athletic induced asthma and have lost my inhaler).
Definitely need to learn how to Balance my paycheck (when I get a J-O-B) and learn how to budget. If you have any tips or tricks on how to do this please do share in the comments.
I do hope you enjoy these post and like I said feel free to participate. It is so nice to reflect on the year. Thanks for stopping g by!

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