Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Sayings

My friend over at is doing a fun link up called Sunday Sayings where you post a poem, quote, word, picture or something of inspiration. Just post something that inspires you or speaks to your heart and share it with your readers. Definitely check out Bailey's blog.
Sunday Sayings December 4th 2011 (aka my first Sunday Saying) is:
This is so true for me. Once I learned to Live my life. When I put my passions into actions I feel like I am living y dreams. When people see how happy and cheerful I am they always ask what is making me so happy and I always say When you live you life to the fullest and put you passions into actions you will be happy! There is a lot in this quote/statement so take it statement by statement. Live your life do what you want to do. No one can stop you but you. Live your passions and dream GOD SIZE dreams.

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