Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blogger Unmasked: Everyday Emma (Week 2)

Hey Y'all its another Blogger Unmasked!
This weeks Unmasked Blogger is ...
Everyday Emma
Emma is an amazing lady! She has a blog (which is the link above) and an amazing etsy shop- with great prices! She has a giveaway on her blog frequently! She loves to leave comment love on your blog so if you follower her be sure to really connect with her because she is so grateful for comments! Please help Emma reach 100 followers this year, and also check out her etsy shop she has really cute things in there!
What Is Blogger Unmasked?
For those of you who don't know what Blogger Unmasked is keep reading! Basically it is promoting a blogger who has less than 100 followers in hope that with your help  they will reach 100! Blogger Unmasked is done every Thursday. 
How Do I Get Promoted?
To get promoted please email me with a picture of you, and some information about your blog, etsy shop, facebook page etc. Then I can tell you when the next Thursday slot is available.
P.S.- If you haven't done so already please make sure to enter my giveaway which ends on the 6th of January.


  1. Thanks so much Amber! You made my day! And I do use the word LOVE a lot =) I LOVE that word *smiles*.


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