Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy Busy Busy Bee... HELP WITH HAIR!

Sorry for being missing for a day- it feels like a long time when I don't post. I went to Sheri's house last night and watched Secretariat with Abby and James as well as Sheri. Then spent the night as I had to babysit all day today. Abby and James were amazing of course! Lets see, we ate mini donuts and cereal for breakfast. Abby worked on her science project while James took a shower and brought in some wood. Then we all went downstairs to play Kinect Adventures and then came upstairs to play Ticket To Ride (if you have never played this game it is super fun!). Then Abby made pasta for herself, James made Ramen Noodles for himself and I didn't eat anything for lunch. After lunch James and Abby were eager to show me how far they got on their Spyrp game. around 5:30PM Sheri came home with dinner and we ate. I soon left after that.
When I walked in the door I was told the bathroom was DONE! It looks so good. Basically we took out the tub/shower combo and just made it a stand up shower with tile lining the shower walls and part of the walls in the bathroom. IT LOOKS REALLY GOOD will try to take some pictures tomorrow of the finished product!
Okay on a side note does anyone have any suggestions on how to style your hair when it is
this length? How should I style my bangs??? HELP!

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