Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kids. Pizza. Ghost In The Graveyard. Movie. Yeah!

Hey Y'all. So unfortunately I totally forgot to take pictures last night but I do want to share with you what all we (the kids I babysat and I) did.

So I arrived at the house around 4 so I could borrow the shower as ours is getting a remodel. Then I ate some dinner which Sheri had prepared- Black bean soup. Then before you knew it, it was 5 o'clock time for the adults to go out and the kids to come in! The adults did order a x-large pizza for us before they left and gave me money for it.
We all went down stares and James, Danny and Katie started playing Dance Central on Kinect (or one of the other Kinect dancing games). Abby just sat on the floor playing her flute- trying to share her love of flute with her friends but they were dancing dancing dancing. Katie soon lost interest in hanging with the boys and decided her and Abby should play Mancala. Danny soon became bored with the Dance Central and so the boys decided to play Kinect Adventures. Which I thought was a really cool game.
 Not too long after they started playing the door bell range which sounded the arrival of PIZZA! So the hungry kids ran up stairs to eat (well at least the boys did). They girls were busy with their Mancala game, but once they were done they too hurried up stairs to eat. Abby (who only eats pasta and bread it seems) asked if she could have one small slice of pizza to eat the crust and the back of... I said yes. They ate and talked and joked and laughed. And then Katie, James and Danny thought "We Should Make A Movie!" Which was a great idea (at least I thought so). But then Abby EXPLODED! Yelling about stupid electronics and how she had no one to do crafts with- then she ran down the hall and locked herself in her room (Luckily she is my sib so this was nothing out of the usual).
 Me and Katie rushed down the hall and after a couple of knocks on the locked door- Abby agreed to open it. She told us why she had gotten so upset explaining that she never got a good part in any of the movies that her and her friends had ever made Katie reassured her that she could pick whatever part she wanted and they would make it the co-lead (as Abby didn't want all the spot light). Everyone went downstairs and started plotting the movie and looking at costumes and...
Then they decided to play their version of Ghost In The Graveyard (which is simply hide and seek in the dark). They wanted me to play... and be it first! So I laid on the rug face down and counted to 60 (1...10....20...30...40...50...60) got up and PITCH BLACK. Nervous that I might walk into the TV, wall, or worst step on a child... I slowly began to walk around the room.... I knew when I was near someone because they made little knocks or sounds so you knew if you were close or not... I recognized Abby's noise and went toward her voice. Reaching my hands out and then touch... nope that's a toy... touch nope that's the shelf.... touch ABBY I FOUND YOU! I was so excited to not only join in the game but also to actually be pretty good at it. We continued playing (I was IT twice) for about an hour and a half. Then the lights came back on and boredom once again set in for the kids.
So I being brilliant decided to suggest maybe they watch a movie (we have a TON... or so I thought). So they slowly went threw movie after movie- yes maybe no. After they went threw 50 movies, then 30 YES maybe NO, then 20 YES maybe NO, then 15 Yes maybe NO, then 10 YES maybe NO, then 8 YES maybe NO.... until they had 2 movies The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2 and Night At The Museum 2... 3 votes for A Wimpy Kid 2 (Abby being a definite NO because of a cheese part in the movie) and 3 No's and one YES for Night At The Museum 2. After much debating... the girls (Katie being a good friend) decided the boys could watch Dairy Of A Wimpy Kid 2 while they went upstairs and did crafts.
This was around 9 o'clock and the kids had to be settling down at 9:30... then I got a phone call from Sheri's neighbor Kim (she is nice but always wants something). I hesitated then answers and she said that she had called Sheri and asked if I would come over for 20 minutes so she could pick up her son, Nick, from a birthday party. You see her other son, Zack, was asleep (he is just 1 or 2 years old). So what could I do Sheri had already said I would. So I told the girls where I was going and if they needed me to call or run over.
Well it turned out that it took about 30 minutes for Kim to pick up Nick as she made a wrong turn somewhere along the way. She told me thanks and I headed back to the house hoping everyone and everything was okay.
Stepped in the house and heard giggling from downstairs (boys and gals were down there watching the movie now). I went downstairs and tried to tell Abby and James they were to go to bed Sheri said so. Abby refused... James was totally hooked into the movie. So, I went upstairs and called Sheri to see if they could finish watching- they were after all being quiet, laying down, and hooked into the movie. Sheri said they could stay up until the movie was over at 10:30.
Once they movie was over Abby was off to bed. James was off to bed. And Katie and Danny went upstairs in the den to chillax until their parents returned.
The adults returned around 11:15 and paid me well. I really enjoyed myself last night. I had a fabulous time with those kids. And Mo (Katie and Danny's Mom) said that I could babysit them anytime!

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