Monday, January 30, 2012

Man On The Ledge

Alright so today was a great day!
I FiNALLY went to Jiffy Lube and got a much needed oil change.... I was about 3,000 miles overdue. I also decided to get my tires rotated and new wipers put on. Then returned home.
When I got home the energy in the house was negative... which means that people were in a bad, negative, depressing mood.. BOO. So I decided to take my best friend out of that house and get him some lunch at Red Robin. Then because we were at the mall we decided to go to the movies.
It was a hard decision about what movie to see... we already saw Beauty & The Beast in 3D which was AWESOME... our top 3 choices of what to see today were:
  1. Underworld
  2. Haywire
  3. Man On The Ledge
So the main thing that made our decision was show times. We would of had to wait an hour or longer if you saw Underworld or Haywire. But then again Man On The Ledge started 4:00PM which means we would be 15 minutes late.... but when we really thought about it all we would be missing were the previews. So we rushed up the stairs to the theater and got a soda and 2 candies: Twizzlers and Reeces Pieces. And when we enter our theater the movie was just starting! Of course I missed a lil because I ran to the bathroom.
I would recommend this movie to anyone. This is a great movie with a great plot and story line. Not to mention a great cast! So if you are looking for a good date night movie or anytime movie feel free to see Man On The Ledge will won't be disappointed!
How was y'alls Monday? What did you do this weekend?

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