Friday, January 27, 2012

My First Blog Award!!!!!!

I received this award from Hannah over at Hann-y. She is super sweet and just made my day.
So, I need to list seven random things about myself, and then pass this lovely award to some other lovely bloggers!
  1. I was the 6th of 7 kids
  2. I was adopted. An open adoption so i know my birth family!
  3. I am the loudest quiet person you will ever meet.
  4. When it comes to me driving it is a LOVE/HATE activity
  5. I am directionally challenged
  6. I can't stand when people leave their windshield wipers half up. IT DRIVES ME MAD!
  7. I don't know what I wanna do as a career but I know its going to be great!
Here are the 10 blogs I want to award The Irresistibly Sweet Award to:
  1. Hannah from Hann-y
  2. Emma from Everyday Emma
  3. Grace from Growing Up Grace
  4. Kimberly Bonham from Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl
  5. Dani from Foxy Lady Beauty
  6. Ilene from much love, illy
  7. Naara from Unwritten
  8. Robin from fly far. fly free.

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