Monday, January 23, 2012

My Weekend

Hey y'all! i want to share with you about my weekend.
It snowed on Friday night maybe an inch- which means Marylanders freak out and rush over to the grocery to get there milk, egg, bread and toilet paper. Other than the snow it was a pretty chill night. When Saturday rolled around we (Brian and I) kept on relaxing until about 8oclock at night unsure what the weather would do. We ended up going out to our favorite local restaurant and bar to see our friend Drew Stevyns (you might know him from America's Got Talent a few years ago). He is a great musician with a unique voice which i LOVE! When Drew arrived and set up he had some difficulty with the electric outlet. Luckily we found a hidden one that worked and he began to rock out! During his break something pretty cool happen a navy midshipmen who was there with his buddies decided he would like to play during Drew's break. Drew allowed this young man to use his equipment during his break and so this young man named Luke began to play. And he was surprisingly good. After his break Drew returned and finished out the night.
Sunday i woke up at 9:30 to get ready for church at 11am. I am so loving the sermon series on The Mystery Of the Holy Spirit it is so great. The best part is the we will never truly understand the Trinity and the Holy Spirit. I just love going into further depth on what the Holy Spirits j-O-B is. What is His role? Purpose? Why is He important?
After church I quickly drove to Sheri's house to take care of my cat Peter and to check on Abby's dwarf hamster Stripe, while they were away. Then rushed home to see the Ravens and Patriots game- not that i am too interested in football but because i knew it was an important game. Later on we did watch the 49ers and the Giants game. After all that football nonsense we (Brian and I) decided to watch some Comedy Central Presents.
Fun Fun right! Hope y'all had a blessed weekend!

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