Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Mystery Of The Holy Spirit Pt. 1

Okay so my church is doing a series on the Holy Spirit which was started on the 8th of January. I just listened to the recording- if you are interested in listening to it or looking at the pastors notes feel free to check them out at my pastor is really great! Down to earth, funny and yet serious. He is awesome I eagerly encourage you to listen to this series- only part one is up (as the series has just begun). If you are anything like me the Holy Spirit confuses me. I am unsure of the purpose so listening to this series is going to help- it already has just in part one.
Basically my pastor, Pastor Dennis, told the congregation about 3 types of people.
The first being the Natural. The Natural people are those who do not know Jesus, those people who are APART from God.
The second group are the Carnal. This people group are those who know Jesus but still live as non-believers. 
And then there are the Spiritual people. Those who have a relationship with Jesus, a partnership with the Holy Spirit, who are mature in the word, and who live as Jesus lived.
If I am honest with myself I am the second group. I am a Carnal. I need to surrender to the Holy Spirit. To ask for help to let Him shape and mold me. To trust Him. To listen and to learn. I fear I have known this a while now. That I have rebelling against God. That I have been on a plateau. A stand still spiritually. Thanks to this series and to many of the blogs I follow y'all have change my life. Have made me realize that I am not where I want to be. That I am NOT where God wants me to be. I have wondered why I haven't impacted lives, why I am unhappy, why I feel disconnected. It is because I have abandoned the Holy Spirit. Because I have lived a lie.
This is my vow: That I surrender to the Holy Spirit. That I listen and learn from Him. That I read the bible every day. And that I am aware of what I put in to my body, mind, heart and spirit.
Here is the prayer that Pastor Dennis gave to us, I want to share it with all of you, :
Holy Spirit of God... I need you in my life. All too often I try to live the spiritual life in my own strength...and fail miserably. Today I ask you to open my mind my heart and my spirit to the reality of your presence. I welcome you within and surrender to you. Help me to hear your voice, recognize your presence and welcome your help in my life. Teach me to see and hear you when you speak and help me respond when you lead me. Amen
Here is my challenge: Listen to the recording and really be honest about which group you are in. And vow to pray the prayer above (or your own rendition of it) every day. Allow God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit transform your life. Surrender to the Holy Spirit.

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