Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nothing Like A Fresh W2 And Appreciative Parents

Okay so today I got my W2 from Open Door!
 Yeah !!!!!
I am already filing it because I am desperate need of money.
(Who isn't now a days?)
 I am going through Turbo Tax which is an amazing program
 (if you haven't used it do so immediately).
On another note
I have been babysitting more like nannying Sheri's friend, Mo's children.
Katie and Danny
Basically I get to their house and observe them goofing off and living life
 then around 7PM I take them both to B-Ball practice.
Their practices flip flop every day
Katie Danny Katie Danny
Then on Saturday they have a game
Fun right!
Both of them are REALLY good at B-Ball especially for being in Elementary School
They have MAD SKILL!
I so enjoy watching them
And it is so nice to get paid 10 bucks an hour
(Sheri always pays me 5 bucks an hour and 25 bucks a day- Tough Love I guess)
But Mo is amazing she is a Zumba teacher
She loves and supports her children
She is a super woman!
Who takes care of her nanny.

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