Sunday, February 12, 2012

About Last Night! ♥

I babysat Abby and James last night! I LOVE THEM! Abby loves all things craft and cooking! James loves all things electronic, loves to build things out of Lego's, and loves to eat (what guy doesn't?). I was suppose to start babysitting at 5:30PM but was bored and thought Brian's parents deserved some alone time so I left for the Annapolis house around 3PM.
Upon arrival most everyone greeted me with a confused look on their face even thought I called before I headed over to make sure it was cool if I came a bit early as I know Abby loves crafts..

  Johnny, Abby and James were downstairs busy at work on their individual creations. 
James and Abby created this town they call Light City, they have built most everything you see out of Lego's over the years. Impressive don't ya think!

James popped in a CD for some musical motivation and interpretation as told by a variety of POP artists both him, Abby, and even Johnny love. Mind you Johnny is an adult. Shortly after I attempted to make something creative with Lego's but no one liked it....Sheri called from upstairs and said that if anyone wanted to help with the making of Dark Chocolate Brownies they must come up right away. Wash their hands and pull back their hair.
Abby and I both raced up the stairs talking about who gets what kitchen item to lick after the brownies were in the oven. Abby of course chose the bowl, I got the spoon but did allow Sheri to have some off of it.
While the brownies were in the oven Abby and I attempted to come up with a craft to do but had no such luck and almost gave up.  But Abby saved the day bringing a book she had received with a Chic-fil-a meal she had gotten awhile ago. The book was entitled Things To Do On A Rainy Day (or something like that). She immediately decided that we would make some designs on paper with stamps and household materials, and we would make things out of Salt Dough. Soon after we decided the brownies were done and Johnny and Sheri were out the door with them heading to their get together.
Abby started on her design stamping away, crumpling paper and using it to make interesting designs.

When James decided that he would come up and make a playlist to burn on a Cd.
I decided I would pop in James and my dinner (which was pizza bagels nutritious I know!) While the bagels were a cookin' I reminded Abby that she should talk a shower because we had a lot to do that night- we had to make the salt dough creations, make v-tine cookies, have a dance party, and if there was enough time watch a little iCarly.
Abby decided soon after me telling her ALL the great things we had planned for the night that she would take a bath. Mainly because she had gotten some bath salt at a birthday party/sleepover she had attended on Friday night. While she took her bath, James and I enjoyed our dinner. and got out all the ingredients for the Salt Dough Creations (which consists of Flour, Oil, Water, and Salt).
Once Abby was all dress for bed and had an apron on, we mixed up everything for the dough. Abby sliced the dough in half, and her and James began to create!. . . .
Abby decided to make a mouse with a lil ball, a bed, and a paw print *all for Sheri for V-tines day*. James on the other hand decided he would make a Corvette wheel for Johnny for V-tines day after giving up on trying to create a supercharger. We popped their creations in the oven to cook for 20-25 minutes. And preped the cookie sheet so we could immediately pop them in the oven after.
While the oven was busy cooking all these things, I remembered that Abby had not eaten dinner yet and quickly made her some pasta that was pre-cooked.
She finished her pasta just as the cookies were coming out of the oven! How great!
We enjoyed 3-4 cookies each as we watched iCarly on the TV. During the commercials James and Abby had mini dance parties.
  I read Abby 5 pages out of the book she is reading (the title escapes me). Then I tuck her in and make sure everything is to her liking before I shut the door and go downstairs to watch James play his Super Mario Sunshine game- which he is so good at!
Unfortunately I couldn't watch him play very long as I started to get motion sick so I had to go upstairs. I did make myself some tea and waited for 10 PM to roll around to put James to bed.
I went downstairs and told James that he had to prepare for bed as it was 10 till 10 PM and those were Sheri's orders. He brushed his teeth, went to the bathroom, got his Cd player all set up to listen to more Harry Potter. Then rushed back to play 5 more minutes of his game. At 10 I told him one time that it was time for bed, he turned everything off, pressed play on the Cd player, turned his space heater on, hopped in bed and said goodnight.
I then went upstairs and watched Fear Factor until Sheri and Johnny returned home around 11:30 or 12PM. I decided to be brave and drive home in the snow which was really my first time driving in the snow. God blessed me by allowing me to make it home safe and sound!

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