Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Amazing Love!

First off happy Valentines Day!
 Can I be honest with you for a second, in the past I have either loved or hated today (depending on if I was taken or single). I wanted to feel loved on Valentines Day. I wanted to be showered with gifts and flowers on Valentines Day. But mostly I wanted to have a Mister to call my own.
Over the past couple years I have been single. I have HATED Valentines day and disliked everyone who was enjoy it. I despised those who had a man to call their own. I had a hard time watching love stories where the guy and gal fall in love and live happily every after. I became mad at God for not giving me what I needed, what I wanted.
This year though God has revealed to me that I have a mister. I have a love like no other. I have ALL that I need. I am showered with blessings and gifts everyday (that won't die after a week). And I can live with a pure knowledge that when Valentines Day comes I will know without a doubt that God is my Valentine!

And when Valentines Day end God's love doesn't. . . His love for me is constant. He will always be here for me. He is all that I need. And He is all that I have every wanted.
Ephesians 5: 1-2
Let us not only know that God is LOVE and He is all that we need. But let us also show others the LOVE God has poured into us. And let us give thanks and praise!

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  1. this is SUCH a good reminder for me today, thank you for sharing! just found your blog thru captivated by grace :) i look forward to reading more!



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