Sunday, February 26, 2012

Help Baby Ava.

Hey Y'all!
Okay so today has been a very emotional, joy filled, and inspiring day. I went to a fundraiser for baby Ava DelRicco who you will hear about below. The fundraiser was at a local hair salon and they were doing a Cut-A-Thon for baby Ava.... all you had to do was either Donate or buy raffle tickets.
THis is my new doo thanks to the fundraiser!

Me and Brian bought/gave $45 dollars - $35 in raffle tickets and $10 for my hair cut (even though it was free)... all of which went to Ava and her family.

Here is her story...

The fundraiser as of 3PM had already reached 5,000 dollars.
My Wish For Today
Iis for  us to  come together as a  blog community to pray for Ava , her family, and the man that forever changed her life. Let us give donations to the Ava fund to help the family with medical bills. If you would like more information about Ava and how you can help her please visit the Help Baby Ava Webpage.
Thank you so much!

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