Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Last 13 Things

The Last 13 Things

Hey Y'all! So I decided to partake in this sweet series for Thursdays called The Last 13 Things or Thursday 13... please bare with me as I am new to this link up and please let me know if I did it wrong haha. Enjoy!
 A whole can of green beans (yes I am weird like that)
 Listened To:
 If I Didn't Know Better by The Civil Wars (If you have never heard this song before I encourage you to go to and download it)
 Stalked on I.D. (Oh my goodness there are some weirdos out there!)
 gas... where else would all my money go... gas and bills haha!
Blue jeans, blue cami and pink v-neck tee (all from Norstrom Rack)
 How blessed am I to have gotten so many Facebook page fans from the Spread the Love Facebook Hop today!
 Coffee and aqua... two drinks at one time
Wanted to buy:
 The book Heaven is for Real (luckily a friend gave me a copy he had already read)
 Prayed For:
God to draw me closer to Him and help me focus.
Painted On My Nails:
Nothing... I need to do this!
Hot chocolate/Mocha and a hot fudge sundae from MacDonald's
 Wished For:
Focus. So that I may quick wasting all my time and really focus on God's purpose for me.
Laughed At:
Living In Yellow (her blog CRACKS ME UP!!!!)
P.S. I still have March Sponsor Spots so please contact me if you are interested. I do the swap thang!


  1. Drooool hot fudge sundae! And I love Erin from LIY too..she is a funny girl that one!

    Thanks for linking totally did it right!! :)


  2. Hi! Came across your link at Life of the Wife :-) Eating an entire can of green beans is totally something I would do! Happy Thursday! Jenn

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