Monday, February 13, 2012

Sponsors Unmasked February Edition Pt. 1

I would love to share with you the lovely ladies that did a sponsor swap with me for the month of February. I asked them to not only introduce themselves and provide ways for you all to connect with them but also to say 5 things they love (for V-tines day *those without answers I did not receive). So without further ado may I introduce:


Hi! I'm Bailey from my little blog, Lost&Found.   I ramble about life, love, fashion, food, running, travel, and pretty much everything else that makes my life, my life.  I am engaged to my best friend and have two fur babies, Moose and Frankenstein.  Head over and say Hi!  I love meeting new friends! 

 5 things I love:  
-Traveling with my fiance
-Great food- especially cheese!
-Playing in the snow.
-My fur babies- Moose and Frankenstein
-Running and staying active, with equal time spent being lazy :)
 Hey! Yo! I am Ashley Marie. I combined my two favorite nicknames for my favorite lovely ladies "Chickadee" and "Dude-ette" to come up with a combo of every alter ego I have: Chickadette. After years of exerting the different aspects of my multiple contradicting personalities (ie: Punk Rock, Martha Stewart, Extremely Bashful Model, Refined Yet Trashy Housewife, and Hardcore Laid Back Mommy), I've finally figured out a state of mind that's just exactly who I am. I live my life one experience at a time and mostly have a total-freakin-blast doing so! This blog is where I log the pieces of my mind and inspirations from music, fashion, friends and family. I also sell vintage stuff. . .and I think I'm funny.

5 things I love:
1. Brett
2. naptimes with Aiden Gray
3. Gypsy & Bandit (my kittens)
4. music
5. Tumblr
Hi, I'm Kassie. I'm a twentysomething that has a day job working for the man.  I spend most of my free time letting my schnoodle, Theo, entertain me and dabbling in photography.  Oh, and now working on my newest project...this blog!  Here you will find random tidbits from my daily adventures in fashion, cooking and life.  I'm guessing there will also be a lot of photography!
These are the lovely ladies that swapped with me. Tune in Wednesday for the other sponsors.
P.S.: My interview went well this morning! I won't know if I am hired until Friday.

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