Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wish! {Out Loud} #10

Hey Y'all so I am wishin out loud today! Who doesn't love that! But before I start wishin' hopin' prayin' can I just say that I am so excited for where my blog is going. I see it growing and I am so excited for ALL MY Followers and visitors! I am so blessed to have readers and lovely blog friends who leave me comment love. So can I just say THANK YOU for being a major blessing and encouragement to my life!

Onward to the wishin' . . .

Today I wish that I would get my act together. Let me explain, I have been unemployed since June 2011 (I do work part time as a nanny which I love), but I feel like through this break from steady work I have wasted a lot of time. Most days are wasted on sleeping... because apparently when you are unemployed you don't have a reason to wake up. I want to do so many thing such as work on my blog, get organized, open an etsy shop/shop, read and do the basic everyday things like laundry, dishes and straightening. Especially because I might have a job by next week as a bank teller- but I want God's will to be done with that if He doesn't want me there then He will open up another opportunity for my life. How great is our God! There are endless possibilities for our lives and I am so excited to see where God would have me! I mean He has already lead me to each one of you readers!


  1. I went through a stint of being unemployed... it's really hard. You want to do so much more but you feel so unmotivated. I hope you find what you're looking for soon!

  2. Hi,
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  3. I am praying for you right now darling!! :)

  4. Stopping by from the Grow your blog {blog Hop}!


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