Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday 13: Thankful Hearts

I am thankful for:
1. God's Grace.
Where would we be without God's Grace? Have you ever thought about that before? I have and I am scared of where I would be if I didn't have God's gift of Grace. It has forever changed my life and I am so thankful for God giving us all this gift.
2. The Bible.
For a long time the Bible for me was just a textbook. A book I studied and read and digested which is all well and good but it is more impactful and useful if it is alive and active in you. When I started having a personal relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and allowed HIM to use me and transform me let me just tell you one of the most useful and inspirational tools He used besides people was the Bible which technically is like using people (since it is about people and Himself).   If you have never felt like the Bible is alive and active in you pray wholeheartedly that God breathes life into the Bible so that you may experience and draw closer to Him by reading and applying what you learned.
3. Prayer.
The other way God has transformed me is through my prayer life. Which to be honest I have been slacking on at the moment. But WoW how great is our God that He would provide a way for us to communicate with Him all that time. And can I just say that the most important thing you can do is to just open up. Ask. And be accepting of the answer He provides. One of the most important things that I have learned is that when you pray with an open heart and allow God to let His will be done in your life without your limitations you will be forever changed and in awe of our awesome God.
4. My Family.
My birth family is my stronghold. They have been there for me through thick and thin, through the ups and downs of life. They have encouraged me in my times of need. They have all been role models for my life. I am so proud and privileged to have such an awesome family.
5. Brian.
Thank you for being my best friend and putting up with me. I know that I am not the easiest person to deal with. Also, thank you for allowing me to live with you and allowing me to be a part of your family (His parents have kinda taken me under their wing as well).
6. My Blog Friends.
Y'all are awesome. I am so encouraged every time I get a comment or pageview. I am so encouraged reading all of you blogs! It is such a blessing and impactful you don't even know!
7. Trials And Suffering.
My life has been a series of sufferings and trials but I wouldn't change it for the world as it has made me who I am today and has given me an amazing life story (testimony). Plus, suffering has drawn me closer to God. I am so thankful for Jesus and the living sacrifice for my life. I hope that my sufferings will transform me-they already have.
8. My Life/My Life Story.
Without my life I would not have such a unique and wonderful life story/testimony. I hope that my life impacts those around me. And I hope my life reflects my savior in a positive manner.
9. Simple Beauty.
Have you ever been taken back by a sun-rise/sun set? Have you ever seen a rainbow and been in awe of God. Have you ever seen the power and beauty of a thunder/lightning storm and though what an amazing creation this is... how beautiful and powerful. Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought wow I am fearfully and wonderfully made! The simplicity of beauty amazes me.
10. Diversity.
I am so thankful that no two people are the same! Nothing is the same! It is amazing and I am so thankful that we are different but yet have likes and similar attributes.
11. Pets.
I love my pets. They are some of my best friends!
12. My Job.
Yeah I am still a newbie but oh man do I love my coworkers and customers they are the best!
13. The Love And Support Of Others.
You just gotta love beings loved. I am so thankful for everyone who loves and supports me throughout my life!

Happy Thursday! Enjoy Friday and the weekend!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Been Busy Busy Dreadfully Busy!

I don't know if anyone else out there feels like time is F L Y I N G BY but I do. Especially now that I am working a full time job! I feel like the weekends come and go and the weeks for the most part fly by. I mean March is almost over... When did this happen???
I hope that I am enjoying my life. I hope that I am allowing God to use me for His glory. Because honestly the way life keeps flying by I don't know if I am impacting anybody. I hope I am doing something right. I know that I am working and doing the online courses for work but am I really impacting anyone.
I am dreadfully shy when I meet new people especially co-workers. I think I am just seeing if I can trust them. Also, I have to get used to the regular clients and get used to all the processing things they want to do. It seems like everyday I get someone throwing me a curve ball. And then answering the phones I know one of these days I am going to say "Sentiments Hallmark this is Amber how may I help you?" Instead of "*** * Bank this is Amber how may I help you?" how embarrassing would that be... so everytime I amswer the phone I have a mini panic attack and hope I say that right thing. Haha. Another thing about answering the phone, I have to figure out how to use a multi line phone, learn how to transfer to and from people or to their voicemail. So i anything it is learn somehting new each day.
This weekend I have pretty much nothing but clean my room and go to church on Sunday. It is so nice to just chillax and have spontaneous plans. To just let the wind take you where it will. To be still and know that God is in control.
I hope that we all realize and rely on God's control, that He has a plan far beyond what you or I can imagine and that He can take us far beyond any dream we might of thought we can do. He sees the big picture we just see a blown up piece of the outer edge ofthe picture.
Enjoy you Saturday Y'all!
Live OUt Love.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Join The Hop

Hey Y'all!
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday 13: I Wish I May I Wish I Might

Oh man was is a good day!
I went to work and it was pretty slow but we had a lot to do so it was a good day. Plus, I got my 1st pay check from my new job!!!!!!!!!!!1 Oh how I miss getting money ha ha! Unfortunately most all the money in that nice big paycheck will be going towards bills and gas. (story of my life right...) Oh AND TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! (It will be a busy weekend let me just tell you).
Onward to Thursday 13:

1. To have more patience with stupid drivers... USE YOUR BLINKER PEOPLE!!!!.... it drives me crazy!!!
2. To be out of debt by the end of this year.
3. To stick to my budget and make wise financial decisions.
4. That God would use me.
5. To be a great big sister/role model in general.
6. I were fearless, bold, and outgoing.
7. To be true to myself and the woman I am becoming.
8. To spend more time with God, friends, and family.
9. To one day get married and have kiddies.
10. To own a dog (BIG) dog!
11. TO one day be able to afford my own place or at least my own room.
12. To be a great blogger/writer... I one day hope to have some of my writings published.
13. That I change someones life every day for the better.

What do you wish for on a daily basis????
Feel free to share.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Get To Know Me}

1. Are You named after anyone?
I don't believe I am named after anyone- at least not that I know of.
2. When was the last time you cried?
I cry pretty much during every love story- you know when they end up together. I don't know if I cry because it is so beautiful or if I cry because I so want to be in love- whole heartily, true, love.
3. Do you have kids?
Nope I don't have any kids. But I do nanny and babysit which is like pretending I am a mommy.... only I can give the kids back. Ha ha.
4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
Yes. The things that would draw me to myself would be encouraging spirit and my trustworthiness.
5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Somewhat. I mean I am not too too big on sarcasm in my lifestyle but there are those occasions where I am just in a mood for sarcasm.... usually when I am goofing off.
6. Will you ever Bungee Jump?
Probably not. I have seen too many horror stories about the cord getting wrapped around someones neck and breaking it. Plus I am a little afraid of fall... so that first jump off the bridge would be a heart attack in itself. I would be so stressed out it just wouldn't be fun.
7. What your favorite cereal?
Hmm.... I don't usually have breakfast but one of my favorite cereals is Honey Bunches Of Oats With Almonds. YUMMY!
8. Whats the first thing you notice about people?
Probably if I can trust them. I tend to be quiet and feel people out to see if I can trust them or not... (can you tell I 've been hurt by friends???) As far as physical features probably the eyes and the smile.
9. What is your eye colour?
My eyes are green with a yellow ringin them.... its cool.
10. Scary movies or happy endings?
Both. But probably more happy endings. Scary movies definitely mess with me... where I am paranoid for a year. I love happy endings (though I do cry when they end up happy and together) but it definitely leaves me in a heart melting good mood.
11. Favorite smells?
Cinnamon, honeysuckle, rain, roasted veggies, baking cakes and/or cookies.... I am sure there are others but I can't think of anymore right now.
12. Summer or winter?
Summer. I love warm weather and am in a much better mood because it is warm and beautiful.
13. Computer or television?
Both. But I am definitely sitting in front of the computer more than I am plopping down in front of the television. Though I do have some shows I watch.
14. Whats the furthest you've ever been from home?
I went to Arizona when I was younger that is the furthest I have been from Maryland.
15. Do you have any special talents?
Unlimited Encouragement. Creativity. Patience (which totally is a talent). Being quiet. Ha ha. 
16. Where were you born?
Richmond, Virginia
17. What are your hobbies?
My hobbies are: photography, drawing/art, art journaling, altered books/magazines, blogging, reading, listening to music, singing, driving (only to places I know), watching sports live (especially hockey and volleyball), watching movies, going to concerts, going to conferences, getting involved/volunteering at church, walking on the beach, hiking, traveling, relaxing etc.
18. DO you have any pets?
I have a cat (who lives with Sheri), 2 dogs and 5 horses (who live with Farmer Jack in TN) and no pets of my own living with me (SAD FACE :( ) I totally want to get a dog or two from the SPCA.
19. Favorite movies?
Where to begin.... The Passion, One Night With The King, Twilight Series, Borne Series, John Carter, Act of Valor, Haywire, Step Up 1, 2, &3, We Bought A Zoo, Underworld Series, Resident Evil Series, Saw Series, Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers, Dear John, The Last Song... and so many more.
20. Do you have any siblings?
I have 2 biological sisters, 4 biological brothers, and a step brother and sister. Love them ALL!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Its Official

okay y'all I am so excited because I have officially worked a entire work week. I think I worked 75 hours just in my first week. CRAZY. Work this week was exhausting considering that I haven't worked full time for a while now.
I am learning all the information fast (well at least I think so). It definitely takes some getting used to there are a lot of different things I have to know for different programs etc. But I am so thankful for our sweet, understanding, and patient customers. They have really help the job... also the wonderful people I work with, who have helped me learn and develop (as much as one can in a week) into a great employee.
I am so thankful that my job is Monday through Friday and the hours are decent. I am still getting used to working full time like I said. I am also getting back into the swing of customer service, working the drive through, answering the phones and doing a great job!  I think that this job could be a really good fit for me and develop into a career. Who knows.
Hope y'all had a great week!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday 13- Stranded .

Aunie Sauce

Hey Y'all!
For todays Thursday 13 the theme is
Things you would want if you were stranded on a desert island.
Here are the things I would want
1. A beach house. Okay no joke I would want there to be a random vacant beach house for me to live in.
2. A camera. I would want to cature every wonderous moment.
3. Some company.... hello!!!! Family, friends, etc. Oh and if you want to come just a heads up its a BYOB kinda a deal haha!
4. Sunscreen, a hat, and some nice shades. First off I am not a huge beachy gal... love to look at it but really don't get the gals that lay out on the beach and tan for hours (sorry if thats you) I justt would rather spend my time doing something else. Like looking for seashells, taking photos, etc.
5. Books. First and foremost I would bring the Bible then I would bring um.... can I bring all the library books???? haha.
6. A sheet and projector, and movies... lots of movies. Okay I think it is so cool to sit outside and watch a movie being projected on a screen!
7. Lots of journals. I am a HUGE writer and the beach would totally inspire me.
8. A chef. Okay one I can't cook. so being stranded on a desert island would probably not be the best thing for me. Hehe.
9. Music. How can you live without music??? I mean seriously.
10. MY computer and some wifi. Okay I seriously have a huge addiction to my computer... especially blogs.... its pretty awesome. And just because I am stranded on an island why should that stop me from reading all y'alls lovely lil blogs??!!!
11. Clothes. I would want comfy clothes.
12. A bed. I would want a nice bed with a canope right over top of it to keep the rain off. This would be located on the beach so I could sleep on the beach if I so wished.
13. My phone with all bars of service and my changer (whichmeans there would have to be an outlet on the island as well).
Hope y'all had a blessed Thursday!
And guess what tomorrow is

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh Man Its Crazy Over Here

Okay so as most of you might know I started my new job Monday (aka yesterday). Its definitely a learning experience as I have never been a teller before. Thank goodness it is a small, privately owned, bank where I can learn at my own pace, get to know the customers, and learn the correct way to do things.
Today work was fun. I got to watch a tutorial for almost 2 hours, decorate my binder (where I can put all important memos, time sheets, and other such things), actually help some of the customers, and get to scan all of todays work into scanner.
UNfortunately after I got off at 4:30PM traffic was crazy! I started off on my normal route home but quickly was caught in a turn only lane and forced to turn. Then I got on another route home but it too was so backed up that I ended up making a U-turn and getting on to 50. Unfortunately for me and my lack of sense of direction I went on 50 East instead of 50 West. So once again I had to turn around. 50 was pretty clear until I came upon my ramp... which yep you guessed it... was backed up! Can you believe my sense of misfortune today. So I get on 424 finally and instead of just riding that to 214 I turn off on a side street that connects to my neighborhood. And thank goodness NO TRAFFIC though it was busier than normal. God then blessed me on hthis back road by first showing me the big bright sun and then on the next sky line showing me the shiny moon in the blue sky. This totally was worth all my stress to see one of God's lil blessings today.
Hope you had an amazing Tuesday and just think tomorrow is Wednesday which means the weekend is that much closer!!!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday 13: Favorite Ways To Spend Free Time

Aunie Sauce

1. Listening to music
Especially undiscovered artists such as some of those on
2. Reading the Bible or other christian inspirational books
 su ch as Beth Moore's Believing God, Max Lucado's Out Live Your Life etc.
3. Watching TV shows
such as The Voice, Spartacus, and Hardcore Pawn
4. Babysitting
I really enjoy watching kids they are so much fun
5. Pet sitting
I am an all around pet lover especially Dogs and Cats LOVE THEM
6. Blogging of course
Blogging for me is a way to reach out to people and a way to pour out myself.
7. Drinking
I love drinking anything hot such as Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Apple Cider, Hot Water with Lemon, Tea etc. I love crystal light which helps me get my water intake. I love the occasional glass of Magners Cider.
8. Exercising
I am a newbie at this but I want to get into it more and thanks to all you motivators out there you are making that happen!
9. Cooking
Though I am not good at making a full blown meal (besides like stir fry) I love cooking deserts cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, smores, etc.
10. Sponsoring Blogs
I love promoting blogs randomly! I feel like it is a blessing to them. Plus it fills me with joy!
11. Participating In Fundraisers
I love to donate and participate in things like St. Jude's Walk, Cut-A-Thon for Baby Ava, SPCA etc.
12. Bible studies
I love participating with others to grow in relationship and understanding with God.
13. Singing
Though I normally don't sing in front of people due to low self esteem and lack of confidence I do sing in the car, in my room, in the shower, and at church.
Welp there you have it! My Thursday 13!
I hope y'all have a blessed Thursday and just thinkg One more day till the weekend!!!!