Saturday, March 24, 2012

Been Busy Busy Dreadfully Busy!

I don't know if anyone else out there feels like time is F L Y I N G BY but I do. Especially now that I am working a full time job! I feel like the weekends come and go and the weeks for the most part fly by. I mean March is almost over... When did this happen???
I hope that I am enjoying my life. I hope that I am allowing God to use me for His glory. Because honestly the way life keeps flying by I don't know if I am impacting anybody. I hope I am doing something right. I know that I am working and doing the online courses for work but am I really impacting anyone.
I am dreadfully shy when I meet new people especially co-workers. I think I am just seeing if I can trust them. Also, I have to get used to the regular clients and get used to all the processing things they want to do. It seems like everyday I get someone throwing me a curve ball. And then answering the phones I know one of these days I am going to say "Sentiments Hallmark this is Amber how may I help you?" Instead of "*** * Bank this is Amber how may I help you?" how embarrassing would that be... so everytime I amswer the phone I have a mini panic attack and hope I say that right thing. Haha. Another thing about answering the phone, I have to figure out how to use a multi line phone, learn how to transfer to and from people or to their voicemail. So i anything it is learn somehting new each day.
This weekend I have pretty much nothing but clean my room and go to church on Sunday. It is so nice to just chillax and have spontaneous plans. To just let the wind take you where it will. To be still and know that God is in control.
I hope that we all realize and rely on God's control, that He has a plan far beyond what you or I can imagine and that He can take us far beyond any dream we might of thought we can do. He sees the big picture we just see a blown up piece of the outer edge ofthe picture.
Enjoy you Saturday Y'all!
Live OUt Love.

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  1. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!!


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