Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh Man Its Crazy Over Here

Okay so as most of you might know I started my new job Monday (aka yesterday). Its definitely a learning experience as I have never been a teller before. Thank goodness it is a small, privately owned, bank where I can learn at my own pace, get to know the customers, and learn the correct way to do things.
Today work was fun. I got to watch a tutorial for almost 2 hours, decorate my binder (where I can put all important memos, time sheets, and other such things), actually help some of the customers, and get to scan all of todays work into scanner.
UNfortunately after I got off at 4:30PM traffic was crazy! I started off on my normal route home but quickly was caught in a turn only lane and forced to turn. Then I got on another route home but it too was so backed up that I ended up making a U-turn and getting on to 50. Unfortunately for me and my lack of sense of direction I went on 50 East instead of 50 West. So once again I had to turn around. 50 was pretty clear until I came upon my ramp... which yep you guessed it... was backed up! Can you believe my sense of misfortune today. So I get on 424 finally and instead of just riding that to 214 I turn off on a side street that connects to my neighborhood. And thank goodness NO TRAFFIC though it was busier than normal. God then blessed me on hthis back road by first showing me the big bright sun and then on the next sky line showing me the shiny moon in the blue sky. This totally was worth all my stress to see one of God's lil blessings today.
Hope you had an amazing Tuesday and just think tomorrow is Wednesday which means the weekend is that much closer!!!!!


  1. Congrats on your new job!!! OOPS! I need to read your blog more... ;)

  2. hi amber! i've been living in texas for nearly 4 yrs, & i still get lost. i think the traffic bites here too. that had to have been frustrating to go through all that after working. i'm sure you were exhausted.


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