Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday 13- Stranded .

Aunie Sauce

Hey Y'all!
For todays Thursday 13 the theme is
Things you would want if you were stranded on a desert island.
Here are the things I would want
1. A beach house. Okay no joke I would want there to be a random vacant beach house for me to live in.
2. A camera. I would want to cature every wonderous moment.
3. Some company.... hello!!!! Family, friends, etc. Oh and if you want to come just a heads up its a BYOB kinda a deal haha!
4. Sunscreen, a hat, and some nice shades. First off I am not a huge beachy gal... love to look at it but really don't get the gals that lay out on the beach and tan for hours (sorry if thats you) I justt would rather spend my time doing something else. Like looking for seashells, taking photos, etc.
5. Books. First and foremost I would bring the Bible then I would bring um.... can I bring all the library books???? haha.
6. A sheet and projector, and movies... lots of movies. Okay I think it is so cool to sit outside and watch a movie being projected on a screen!
7. Lots of journals. I am a HUGE writer and the beach would totally inspire me.
8. A chef. Okay one I can't cook. so being stranded on a desert island would probably not be the best thing for me. Hehe.
9. Music. How can you live without music??? I mean seriously.
10. MY computer and some wifi. Okay I seriously have a huge addiction to my computer... especially blogs.... its pretty awesome. And just because I am stranded on an island why should that stop me from reading all y'alls lovely lil blogs??!!!
11. Clothes. I would want comfy clothes.
12. A bed. I would want a nice bed with a canope right over top of it to keep the rain off. This would be located on the beach so I could sleep on the beach if I so wished.
13. My phone with all bars of service and my changer (whichmeans there would have to be an outlet on the island as well).
Hope y'all had a blessed Thursday!
And guess what tomorrow is

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