Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beauty: Light Beams Shining Through A Cloud Filled Sky

 I wrote this on March 16th, 2011 on my view of beauty. I wanted to share it with y'all today so that it may inspire, encourage and move you!  Please let me know your definitition of beauty is in the comment area. Thank you so much! Enjoy!

What is beauty? Have you ever considered this definition: Beauty is the essence of God. Every one is made by God. So, everyone has beauty or is beautiful. So why are we so critical?

When most women look in the mirror they can pick out at least three things wrong with them. I can't tell you what guys do because I don't know. I know women sometimes, upon receiving complements, deny it. Or don't realize its not the clothes, jewelry, makeup, shoes, purse, hairstyle or accessories you wear but the beauty shining through from within. Think of it this way: have you ever look at a cloudy sky and seen the light shining through in beams. Well, I think that's how inner beauty is. It shines through. Inner beauty extends to outer beauty. So, ladies next time you look in the mirror look to your soul and know your inner beauty shines bright!

There is beauty in nature. I feel God's presence and see His beauty most when I am surrounded by nature. I get lost in the moment, in the beauty, and forget about all the drama and negativity in the world. Focusing on God and sitting or standing in awe of His beauty. I find it easy to drift away. Whether it be in the mountains or on a beach, in the forest, or on a pier, I see His beauty everywhere. And some days I can't escape to the mountains, beaches, forests or piers, so I just look at the clouds and drift away. I am always amazed at how fast the clouds move. We don't usually notice until we sit still and focus on them. Beauty is in Nature.

I always love seeing brides. Or weddings. To see the preparation for the wedding and the actually day. I love seeing the groom's eyes light up when he sees his bride. Brides wearing white, usually. Brides inner beauty shown outward. Brides looking, smiling, floating down the aisle to their future husbands. I love the flower petals laid down the aisle as the white dress floats across. Natural beauty enhanced by outward beauty. I also love the first dance. The time when the bride and her husband join and start their journey together. Both of them beaming with delight. Beauty fills the room.

Women, never let a man or society steal your inner beauty. Men, never steal a woman's beauty. Remember, (both genders) you are created by God. You have His fingerprint on you. And, beauty in intertwined in your DNA. Inner beauty shining through. Like light beams in a cloud filled sky. A bride walking down the aisle as the groom is overcome by her beauty and grace.


  1. Love this :) And you are so right! I think people are beautiful when they are clearly comfortable in their own skin and they take pride in how they look - not necessarily make-up or fancy clothes - but just showing that they care about themselves. Not sure if that makes sense lol - but like you said, I think it has to do with inner self-worth showing through!

  2. This is so good! You are so right and I think every woman should read this every once and a while as a reminder that we are made by God in His image!

  3. Hey just wanted to say you never got back to me again on the coupon :( Email me soon!



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