Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bully: Movie Review

I went to see this movie/documentary last night with a friend.
It angered me a little bit that we were the only ones in the theater, but then again it was a Tuesday night. I just hope that people take the time to see this documentary not for entertainment but to be made aware of bullying, the affect bullying has and what all parties say to the bullies and to the victims.

I am aware of bullying ...I believe that everyone deals with bullying in some way, shape, or form. I think today it is so easy to bully... you have the Internet, phones, anything really that you would or could think of at your disposal. Its so sad to think that kids today have to change who they are, what they wear, themselves to fit the mold. Kids today are so mean to one another. They pick at each others flaws or misfortunes. In order to "fit in" you have to have the latest style, the name brand, like the coolest music, and sometimes even be a bully. HOW SCREWED UP!

Even in this documentary it shows how the kids try to tell there parents they are the victim to bullying and they parents just let it roll off there shoulders. They tell their children to man up, that if they don't try to fit in and stand up for themselves their other siblings are going to get bullied because of them. HOW HORRIBLE IS THAT!!! Then when the parents find out what is actually going on and they confront there children they always ask the kid "why didn't you say anything?" The parents ask this, faculty members ask this, everyone asks this.... HELLO>>> MAYBE THE KID IS TRYING TO TELL YOU OR WORSE HAS TOLD YOUR AND YOU EITHER DIDN'T WANT TO HEAR IT OR YOU WEREN'T LISTENING.

And the schools.... OMGOSH.... the school itself, the board of educations, the bus drivers.... YOU are suppose to be providing a SAFE place for children. YOU are. EVERY ONE OF YOU who work there, volunteer there, or are there. If you see a kid that is being victimized why are you siding with the bully????? WHY! If you see a kid being picked on by his/her bully physically or verbally do you honestly believe that a handshake or making both kids say "I'm sorry" fix anything??? DO YOU??? SERIOUSLY? A handshake, talking to the kids, having them apologies to each other.... ISN'T SOLVING ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why are we listening to those who are victims of bullying????  
Why does it take tragedies to happen for us to react?????
How many children... sons, daughters, sisters, brothers does it take for us to make a change?????
Why aren't we listening???
Why do we not react????
Why is the school system in denial of the problem....
why are the school systems pointing fingers at the parents, each other, or the victims????
 THE VICTIMS!!!!!!!!!!
Why is this world so messed up???
If you see someone being bullied or victimized don't just turn your face away and do nothing... STAND UP FOR THEM. DO SOMETHING!!!!!! Say something. Bring it to someones attention. Think about it this way (and if this doesn't hit home for you then I don't know what will) think of that kid being bullied as your child or sibling.... think about how it must feel for them.... imagine if they told you and you did NOTHING.... imagine them buying into the lies, curses, abuse they are receiving day in and day out.... and imagine them taking the situation into their own hands bring a gun or knife to school to protect themselves, or taking their own life. Let that hit you square in the face. Let it beat you down until it so rocks your world that there IS A PROBLEM that BULLYING IS REAL... And that THERE NEEDS TO BE A SOLUTION.

Take a stand with me to STOP BULLYING.
Thank you.

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  1. I am interested in seeing the movie, but you know NOT every teacher sides with the bullies. Sometimes you have to be careful with documentaries stretching the truth or only showing a piece of the fact or half-truth. I have worked in three different schools in three different districts and two different states and none of the teachers were ever OKAY with bullying. However, it is VERY hard to stop bullying outside of your classroom and when the parents aren't involved or helping, BUGS me so much! My mom was a bus driver for a few years and she said you can't drive and stop bullies. However, she actually physically stopped the bus one day and addressed a problem. Bullying is a symptom of bad parenting at home.


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