Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inspirational Blog Hop

What a fun hop! The people that inspire me most are: Jesus. Need I say more? He is amazing. To know what He had to do and to complete it. To sacrifice Himself for the good of the human race! How amazing. What a great example He is for so many life things such as the importance of prayer, relationships, hope, healing, miracles, how to be an obedient son, how to sacrifice for others, how to become lesser so that His Father God can become greater. What a beautiful Jesus we have. Job. Job believe it or not is one of my favorite authors and books in the bible. Which a lot of people find strange but if you know my life story you know that Jesus and Job both struggled and endured many hardships, trials, but held fast to faith. Both were greatly blessed in the end. Job for me really hits home on the fact that God is bigger than any problem or trial. He is so worth the pain and suffering he endured. He ignored his friends and some family members and held fast to God. I love that God answered him so many times!  My Birth Parents. I am so blessed to have had such a strong pair of parents. Even though my father was taken from me 21 years ago I know that he would of done anything he had to for his family. My mother was so strong and supportive and I couldn't of been more blessed to have known her. Even on her death bed she clung to life to make sure that my brother, DJ, walked across that stage to receive his high school diploma, she made sure her youngest son was in good hands as he is totally dependent upon someone else, she made sure that all of us were together. Yes, both my parents have gone on to Heaven but I know that one day we will reunite in Heaven and cannot wait until that day comes! Each And Every One Of You Readers/Bloggers. Y'all inspire me more than you could know. Whether it be sweet words of love and support in my comments, or just the fact that  you read my blog or emailed me about one of my post or some event that you would like me to participate in; these are all so encouraging to me. I couldn't ask for a better group of readers, blog friends, and followers. Love ya!

Have a blessed day!


  1. Found you on the blog hop! I love this post... it's awesome that Job is your favorite author - you're right, you don't hear that very often... but I can definitely see why :)

  2. Stopped by from the inspirational blog hop! Glad I did! so nice to hear someone else that likes reading through Job. Have a blessed weekend. :)


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