Friday, April 13, 2012

Just Because: A Bit Of Everything

Hey Y'all!
Happy Friday!
And how beautiful is this weather!
 At least here it is gorgeous.
So as you know today is Just Because Friday and also Friday the 13th.
Everyone here at work is making a BIG deal out of it being Friday the 13th.
I don't believe in all that superstition stuff.
I think God is Enough to put all the wrong right.
But that is just me.
Today I am just going to write about whatever.
 Just Because its Friday and I can.
So here it goes!
My day at work has been pretty lame.
By lame I mean slow.
The best part is when its lame I can read all of y'alls blogs and comments!
One of my absolute favorite things to do on a daily basis!
I also love to find new linkups and new blogs to follow and link too.
Though one perk is that today is payday!
And the money is already in my account!
YEAH lets pays some bills.
Isn't that the truth!
Get paid and pay some bills.
Today for Lunch (I haven't taken it yet)
 I think instead of eating (as I didn't bring a lunch)
I am going to read my book (Heaven Is Real)
which is such a good book!
Plus, I never know what to do with myself for an hour!
(I have an hour lunch break)
So why shouldn't I take a breather relax and enjoy a good book.
After work.
(Which I literally just contacted Sheri to see if I could like 30 minutes ago!)
I am babysitting Abby and James.
Because I want to hang out with them.
And because I have nothing better to do.
I am so excited
and am already thinking about what fun
 crafts, sundaes, activities we can do
instead of sitting downstairs
and turning on the Wii, Xbox360,
Kinect, DSi's or the Gamecube.
I am thinking maybe we could do one of the following:
Play Ticket To Ride
Make Sundaes, or Milkshakes
Do a Puzzle
Do a salt dough creation and paint it
Have a dance party
Play ghost in the graveyard
If y'all know of anything fun you can do with a 13 year old and a 10 year old (boy and girl) please feel free to comment and let me know. Any and all suggestions are welcome!
I so hope you are having a great Friday!

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