Friday, April 6, 2012

Just Because Fridays: Mini Easter Vaca

Happy Friday! Good Friday that is!
So this is my first time participating in Just Because so please give me a break if I do it wrong or am off the map on this. But from my understanding you can write about anything Just Because?

So my topic of the day is My Mini Easter Vacation.
Unfortunately my vacation won't start until after work... but fortunately I am able to leave the office at 4PM. Yes Yes... there will still be PLENTY of traffic... BOO...

Okay Okay... so I decided not to travel today, but to go in the morn at around 4:15AM. This is pretty much going to be the break down of my morning tomorrow...
 Get up at 4 AM
Leave the house no later than 4:30 AM
Hopefully get to Roseland VA without any problems
Go on a hiking adventure at 9-9:30 AM (my aunt planned this)

I am really anxious right now because I want to get there. I am so excited to be going and am sure I will leave a little early because anxiety and all. If you could please pray for safe travel and that I don't get lost.

Be Blessed!

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