Sunday, April 8, 2012

Six Hours On The Cross.... HE LIVES!

so yesterday around 3Am I left for Roseland, Virginia (Wintergreen to be exact). It took me about 4 hours to get there. Loved that there was no traffic and really enjoyed watching the moon go down and the sun rise! What a glorious moment that was!
I got there around 7:45 or 8AM and had 2 cups of coffee almost immediately- as I am the type of person where I can not even function without coffee in the morning.
Then Sheri and I went on a nature hike with a hike guide and about 6 other people (kids and adults). It was pretty fun but I think the guide spent too long on the discovery of flowers for the kids. I really enjoyed it though and felt refreshed and awakened.
After that we all (Sheri, Johnny, James and Abby and I) went to a snake's birthday party (his name is Arthur) who turned 12. It was pretty sweet the kids got to make snakes out of paper and hang them around the room, they could touch Arthur, make Arthur a birthday card, pin the tongue on Arthur, and of course eat cupcakes (which formed a snake - super cute!)
After that we went to take Johnny, James and Abby to do Easter crafts and other fun activities, while Sheri and I went window shopping at the stores on the mountain.
 Then we joined Johnny, James and Abby for the Peep Roast! OK if you have never roasted peeps over a fire you need to do it asap! I have never liked peeps but I LOVE them roasted! YUM!
We went back to the mountain house to eat spaghetti which was amazing! After din I had to take a shower as I was pretty much falling asleep at that point. After my shower we all enjoyed watching the movie Hop. If you have never watched it, it is a super cute movie!
After the movie I immediately went to my room and passed out haha. It was like 9PM which made me feel pretty lame for going to bed that early but oh well I needed sleep.
Today was great! HAPPY EASTER by the way!
I got to go to service at Wintergreen. IT WAS AWESOME! First off there was a small 3 man bluegrass band (which I loved!) and a great southern preacher! During the service the band did this song which I had never heard which is called "Six Hours On The Cross." Instead of writing about it I am going to post the lyrics below and let the words move you as they moved me.  So enjoy!
My savior was prayin' one day in the garden
He knew that He must soon give His life
He knew that He must go on to Calvary
I'll tell you my friend He paid a great price.
(Chorus): Six hours on the cross our Saviour hung dying
Six hours on the cross oh what a sad time
My God, my God why am I forsaken
Six hours on the cross your Saviour and mine.
Now the soldiers led Jesus to the judgement hall
He suffered and bled and died for us all
They crowned His head and spit in His face
There was no one to take His place
So tired and so weary He could not lay down
While carrying His cross He fell to the ground
Oh sinner wake up and give up your pride
Six hours on the cross He hung there and died
Six hours on the cross our Saviour hung dying
Six hours on the cross oh what a sad time
My God, my God am I forsaken
Six hours on the cross your Saviour and mine
Six hours on the cross your Saviour and mine
If this song doesn't move you I cannot tell you what will. Just reading it gives me chills. What a great Savior we have to give His life for a world of sinners! How loved we must be for the God to come to the world in the form of a human and die a horrible death for us! To rise to life so that we might one day meet our Savior Jesus in Heaven and thank Him and praise Him for all our days on Earth and in Heaven!
Amen! Amen! Our Savior lives!
(P.S. I am back home in Maryland thank you for all your prayers for safe travel!)

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