Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday 13: The Crazy Silly Things You Do

Happy Thursday! I hope y'alls Thursday is a blessing. I am here at work (its been really slow) just enjoying all your post, and comments and tutorials Can't wait to try em all I almost have a full notebook of crafts, tutorials etc that I want to try. 

Since it is Thursday I want to share with you Thursday 13! So without further ado please enjoy:

Aunie Sauce

The Silly Crazy Things
 People Do That I LOVE:

1. Give Generously And Wholeheartedly.
What a beautiful moment it is when someone gives to God and/or others generously and wholeheartedly. Never wanting anything in return. Isn't that so rewarding when you give openly and freely and are rewarded with the purest joy!

2. Say Thank You!
Whether it be for the smallest thing or the biggest when someone says Thank You it means the world to me and I am sure it means the world to others.

3. Laughing.
There is nothing in the world more glorious than when people laugh out loud. It is so contagious and brightens everyones day!

4. Use Their Blinkers!!!!
I absolutely LOVE when other drivers use there blinkers. It is so much easier to know what they are doing and also I am more likely to let you into the lane if you USE YOUR BLINKER! (Can you tell this is a major pet peeve of mine?!)

5. Talk To One Another.
I am a listener so there is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable then listening to people talk to one another. I especially love when they talk lovingly to one another (aka encouraging, praising, building up etc.)

6. Do Not Talk/Text/ Or Answer The Phone When Checking Out.
This is another pet peeve of mine that I am so thankful for the few people that do this. There is nothing more irritating then being a cashier/teller/customer service representative or whatever trying to help a customer while they are gabbing on the phone. Would it kill people to put down there phones, electronic devices or whatever for 5 minutes??? Seriously I am so afraid for our future because technology is taking over.

7. Random Acts Of Kindness!
When I hear about or participate with people who do random acts of kindness daily it is just so encouraging and inspiring. You don't know how much you can change someones entire outlook on life just by doing a simple act of kindness.

8. Don't Conform.
Have you ever walked past someone who is a little out there or who doesn't fit the norm? I LOVE those people. The people who are themselves and aren't going to conform to fit a certain mold. The people with the AWESOME colored hair, with tattoos everywhere, with piercings, that wear unique and colorful clothing and do their hair and makeup boldly! LOVE THOSE PEOPLE! LOVE THEM!

9. Love The Skin They're In.
I love people that know and take to heart that they were fearfully and wonderfully made! I love when they love themselves. Every aspect. Especially if they see all there flaws and short comings and love themselves all the more.

10. Speak The Truth In Love.
Have you ever been approached by a Christian or any religion for that matter and they come to you not preaching to you but as a friend. They tell you their testimony and maybe some basic facts and details about what they believe and why and then they lovingly let you decide what to believe! I love that. All too often (I am a Christian by the way) I have seen way to many people speak out on Jesus and being Saved in a negative way.... If you don't become a christian RIGHT NOW you are going to BURN IN THE ETERNAL FIRE OF HELL.... seriously??? One how do you know? Two you have no right to judge and or determine someones future because you do not know there heart!  I believe our mission (Christians) is to love people where they are. Let us not judge and beat down and scare people into faith but rather let us love them were they are, speak the truth in love, and let God change their hearts. Amen? Amen!

11. Tip Generously. 
Okay I know this kinda goes with number 1 but hey what can ya do? When you tip well and by well I mean at least 15-20+ % you are going to bless your waiter/waitresses so much! I would challenge you not only to tip those waiters/waitresses that go above and beyond what is expected but tip EVERYONE well.... because you may not know what is going on in that servers life. Maybe they are just having an off day, maybe a tragedy has happened in their life, maybe its their first day, what ever the case maybe challenge yourself to go above and beyond in your tip. Bless them with a generous tip.

12. Adopting/Fostering .
Whether it be adopting/fostering an animal or a little baby YOU ARE MY HERO! I was adopted, I also have adopted animals from the SPCA.

13. Bloggers/SnailMailers/Swap Buddies.
I love all these people and what they do because I love reading and receiving a piece of you! I love reading about your heart, your life, everything that you may right about or do I enjoy that you have opened up enough to let me in the loop! I am so thankful for each and everyone of you!

Tonight I am going to watch the Baysox Game and could not be more excited. Its a love hate relationship... I love when the ball is on the field I hate when it is flying into the audience. Love hate... haha. Enjoy your evening y'all! 

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  1. This is such an awesome/random list! When I first read #5, I thought it said "hanging" out instead of "checking" out lol - I have a couple friends who cannot get off their phone when we're together and it drives me crazy! Why are we even "seeing" each other? And how to people check out while on their phones anyways? It seems like they would WANT to wait haha.


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