Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Last Things....Summer Bucket List!

I Did: Eat Lunch
I Worked On For The Blog: My For Sale Page (Which will be done tonight!!! Get excited people!!!!)
I Watch On TV: Person Of Interest
Saw In The Theater: The Avengers!
The Last Person(s) I Emailed: My Co-workers to give them a little inspiration and food for thought
I Looked Forward To: 4:30 PM to go babysit Abby!
I Went Through: Boxes and Boxes of things. Right now books which I am going to be selling on the FOR SALE PAGE which will launch tonight!
I Ate: Strawberry Pop Tart for lunch

Today's theme is SUMMER BUCKET LIST:
1. Relax.
2. Take a rode trip down to South Carolina.
3. Get rid of all the things I don't need. Whether by selling them or donating them.
4. Cook at least 1 meal a week.
5. Grow this blog to at least 100 followers!
6. Have at least 5 summer giveaways.
7. Have quiet time on the beach.
8. Maybe change job to something I have a passion for.
9. Volunteer at my church. Give back to the community.
10. Exercise at least 3 times a week and eat healthier.
11. Prepare to open an etsy shop.
12. Do random acts of kindness as often as I can.
13. Pay off my credit card and pay down all other debts.

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