Thursday, May 31, 2012

What A Great Day!

Hey Y'all!
I know that this Thursday I haven't linked up to anything... I have been busy and have had the best day! Want to here??? Oh you do!!!! Welp here we go! 

I arrived at work around the usual for late weeks... which is 8:15AM. I was a little dressed up for my special lunch out. When I arrived our visitor, Judy, from headquarters (or the towers as we call them) was already there. I was rushing around trying to prepare my morning work routine which consist of getting coffee, changing the date displays, getting my drawer, turning on my computer and getting the programs up that I use daily, and then checking the work from the day before (at least these things are what I do on my late mornings). By the way I am a teller at a bank. Don't know if I have mentioned that or not?? 

Unfortunately Judy threw off my morning routine by doing an audit on my drawer before I could check the work from the day before. But everything worked out my audit was perfect!!! And I got all the work checked by 9AM. Which is when we open the lobby doors... we open the drive thru at 8AM FYI. 

After this I got the usual bunch of daily customers which was great and we were pretty steady until around 10:30AM. Which was good consider we all were in for a surprise when the electricity went out around 11:15AM. Thank goodness we all have cell phones to call around and inform. Unfortunately, there were still customers coming in to cash checks, make deposits and withdraws and do various other transactions. Which for us tellers means we had to document everything we were doing and for the customer trusting us to do the transactions when the electricity comes back on. I was already a little anxious around this time simply because I was meeting my Dad (Uncle who adopted me when I was 2.5 years old) at Applebees for his birthday! 

I did manage to make it to Applebees with no problems and even got a table, and told the waitress that it was my dad's birthday.  When we walked through the door I was overcome with joy! (See my Dad lives in Tennessee and I rarely get to see him especially not on his birthday.) He looked REALLY GOOD too... he has lost some major weight and look healthier and more in shape! We got to talking and catching up. Then we order the soup, salad, bread combo... which is all you can eat!!! I got the french onion soup, house salad and bread and Dad got the Tomato Basil soup, spinach salad, and bread. It was yummy! On our second round we switch soup and can I just say that Applebee's Tomato Basil soup is DE-LICIOUS! No joke. (Like I saying ... get up from your computer, get in your car, drive to the nearest Applebee's and eat this soup right now kinda good!) When we were finished our meal is when the waitress and her gang of servers walked up... I can still hear Dad saying "They aren't coming to this table for me are they??? They are coming to this table for me???" And when they stopped at our table and began to sing ... my Dad's face turned BRIGHT RED.... what a priceless moment that was for me! And they gave him a complementary birthday hot fudge sundae shooter... since he is watching his figure he said I could eat it... though he did snag the cherry before handing it over. Then I took out his birthday card that I got for him! I really think it made his day! Then we went our separate ways.... which I hate. He headed on to Richmond, Virginia and I headed back to work. But man was it a great lunch!

Once returned safe and sound back to work I found power had been restored. I did the transactions from when the power was down, did current transactions and balanced my drawer. Then was called in to have a meeting because on of the programs we use is being revamped come June 11th. I am really excited about the changes being made. Once the meeting was over we locked the doors to the lobby (at 3PM). And started running work and getting ready for the end of the day. 

Man was it a great day. Happy birthday Dad/Farmer Jack, and Happy Birthday Mom I love you and am sending birthday wishes to you on angels wings....miss you so much.

Hope today was a blessing to you! Tomorrow is Friday!!!! Heck Yes!

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