Friday, June 1, 2012

Heaven In Her Arms By Catherine Hickem Review

This is my second review for and I was really excited about reading this book. To be honest thought I found this book disappointing. Don’t get me wrong the book context is great and full of truth and inspiration but for me I was thinking the book would be more about Mary and her faith then it would be about modern day mothers and their stories. Since I am not a mother myself I couldn’t relate to this book hardly at all… and when I could it was only because I have babysat and nanny children. The parts about Mary, her faith and relationship with Jesus and other mothers were very well said. She was the ultimate mother and woman of faith. If you read this book for nothing else but to get a glimpse of who Mary was then I would say pick this book up and read it right now! If you are a mother and would like to read a book that not only make you feel like you aren’t the only one struggling with your faith and your children then pick this book up and read it now. If you are single or do not have children of your own I would say that it is completely up to you… if you want to read it to build a basis for your future family go ahead but if you are looking for a book strictly on the life of Mary then I would say disregard this book simply because so much of it was written for mothers. Thank you for your time I hope you enjoyed my review of Heaven in Her Arms by Catherine Hickem.

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