Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekly Goals & Prayer

Hey Y'all!  Hope you had an amazing weekend. I know I did. Busy as usual. This weekend marks the 6th year of my mother passing away. I know she is in Heaven though living it up! I have been busy with my Beth Moore workbook/homework. Still have a day to do and my small group is at 6:30 tonight! I hope to be as passionate about God's word as Beth Moore is. She is so filled with the Holy Spirit and such an inspiration to all who have a chance to see, hear or read her. Yesterday was quite a busy day we had a few events after church services mainly about missions and some of the missionaries that attend our church also yesterday evening was our MLT Meeting for leaders (anyone) to come and see what the church goals are for the coming month, to hear what goals were met for the month before and to be challeneged to be a better leader within the church, our homes, and our works. There is an event that I am debating on going to some of you might have heard about it... it is call the Global Leadership Summit. Its where all these leaders come together and share and it is broadcasted all over. These leaders range from business leaders, to church leaders, to ordinary everyday leaders. The thing that is holding me back is the $75 that I would have to pay to go in August.... so I am budgetting and praying about it.

Here are some of my goals for this week:
1. Finish the Jesus the One and Only homework before small group tonight
2. Get Abby a birthday present before her birthday party (If you have any ideas for a 10 year old girl please comment below!)
3. Send out thank you cards
4. Go to Bank of America to inquire as to why they opened my primary account when I closed it in March??!!??
5. Pay my loan payments. Support Ester!!! (Which I need to do a blog post on her!
6. Eat healthier & exercise. (If you have any tips and tricks for eating right and exercising please comment below!)
7. Stick to my monthly budget!
8. Go through all my things and get ride of stuff whether through yard sale or donate to a good cause like good will, sarah's house, etc.
9. Make up some business cards.
10. Keep a look out for my Mary Kay order. (I am active again!)
11. Read at least a chapter a day of 1000 Days by Johnathan Falwell (SUCH A GOOD BOOK!!!!)
12. Pray without ceasing. If you have any prayer request feel free to email them to me I would love to pray for y'all. Please put prayer request as the subject.
13. To clean out my car, desk, and room and organize them.

If y'all could pray for me that would be great. My prayer request for this week is that I would trust God with my life and fully surrender all to Him.

Thanks Y'all!

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